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Finding Positivity on Social Media ★

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With everything that is going on at the moment, it’s easy to get caught in a downward spiral of negativity and bad news. The numbers seem to keep going up and with that, our mental health can quickly go down. So, since you’re most likely spending several hours a day scrolling through social media, why not give these accounts a follow so that your feed becomes a bit more positive? 

(1) Tanks Good News 

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Website

This is the ultimate positivity zone. An entire Instagram account dedicated to sharing good news from around the world. In a world where bad news is more often published than good news, it’s important not to forget that there are billions of people performing small acts of kindness every day. Have a look at this account and restore your faith in humanity! 

(2) We’re Not Really Strangers 

Social Media: Instagram

My all-time favourite Instagram account. WNRS is a movement with the intention of empowering meaningful connections with strangers. The account shows important self-reflection messages scattered around the city, hidden in plain sight. While I haven’t ordered the card game yet, reviews suggest it is the best way to deepen your connection with a loved one & can absolutely be done over video calling whilst we are all social distancing!

(3) HaleyDrewThis

Social Media: Instagram

Hayley is an illustration artist with a lovely, simplistic style. Her recent posts reminded me of some important messages about being physically distant but socially and emotionally close. Like little infographics, Hayley’s artwork is fun, engaging and informative! 

(4) The StudyTube Project

Social Media: Youtube, Instagram 

If you have ever seen a YouTube video about studying, you’ve already been introduced to the world of StudyTube. A group of 18 YouTubers saw that young people across the world were struggling with their education being transferred online, exams cancelled, being stuck at home all day long. So, every single day a new video is uploaded wherein one of the youtubers teaches something from their field of expertise – there have been videos on illustration, anatomy, magic tricks, painting, and philosophy. On their instagram, media student YouTuber Laur Medley creates amazing illustrations for each video. Plus, it’s a quick introduction to 18 new YouTubers! 

(5) Spending time away…

So this last one is not a fun or informative account, but rather a suggestion. Try taking some time away from your phone. Leave it upstairs for a few hours, turn it off, or just put it in a drawer. Just for a little while, don’t read the news, don’t scroll through Instagram, don’t look at any of it and just exist in the present moment. 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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