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Finding Off Campus Accommodation: Don’t Panic!

As the SU Housing Day event took place this week and the Warwick Accommodation site has already become live, I realise this blog may be coming a bit late for a lot of people; however there have been some great blogs by other bloggers about this subject! Have a peruse of these posts if you’ve not already read them:

What I would like to say though is not to panic too much about finding a house right away. Yes, it seems like everyone is looking and some houses get snapped up really quickly, but Term 1 is tricky enough without overly stressing about housing too! There are various housing options that can be explored, be it private let or Warwick Accommodation, living in Leamington, Canley or Earlsdon and getting a house before the Christmas holidays or afterwards. Even though it feels the most important thing in the world to sort right now, don’t feel like you have to rush into a decision, and having a chat with the SU advice centre or older students who can offer wise words of advice may be helpful. And then when you do have a house for next year, it’s such a good feeling to look forward to the next step of independent living off campus!

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