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Finding Future Flatmates

‘Tis the season to be stressed about housing! Freshers left right and centre will be selling their souls to get the best deals with private letting agencies and Warwick Accommodation, debating over the benefits of living in Leam vs Cov vs Kenilworth vs maybe we can blag our way back onto campus?

And it’s not only where that needs to be thought about, it’s who too. Am I sure that I get on well with my current flatmates? Will it torture me, that they don’t wipe the surfaces after cooking? Can I imagine having a fun party with them or will I resent them for wanting to leave too early or too late? Will they use up the last dregs of milk I’d been saving for my Golden Nuggets cereal?

Chill. 2018 hasn’t even ended yet. Even if all your pals are rushing to find a house, make sure you don’t rush into a house you don’t want. There are still houses available in the area surrounding uni with private letting agents at the start of each summer term, and students posting on social media channels looking for new flatmates.

Also, don’t feel you have to live with your current flatmates. As great as they may be, perhaps you just want a change of scene. It can be great living with close friends, and it can also be great living with people you’re less close with and becoming close friends.

I lived with a great international flat in first year but didn’t end up living with them in second year. A girl who I knew through a friend, and who I had chatted to for ages on the bus on the way back from the Kenilworth fireworks in first year, messaged me out of the blue on Facebook. She was hoping to live in a house of three and needed one more flatmate, and had remembered how much we had in common and asked if I’d be interested in living in Earlsdon in Coventry with her and her coursemate.

At the time I had been planning to live in a house of 6/7 people in Canley, which was proving impossible to find. That message was a godsend, and over the course of second year her and her flatmate became some of the closest friends I have made in my 3.5 years of uni. She now lives in London and our other flatmate in Edinburgh, both places where I have family, and we still manage to find time to visit each other.

This year I’m living with two equally lovely dovely coursemates; while on the year abroad we decided to club together and put a deposit down on a house my boyfriend had visited, to take the stress of finding a house off our minds. We’ve managed to lure the neighbourhood cat in too. Life is good 😛

My point is, taking a chance with your future flatmates can work out. Even if it doesn’t work out it’s still possible to move elsewhere and find someone else to take your place in your contract. Enjoyment of the uni year depends so much on who you live with, which is why it’s so important not to feel trapped into living with people you don’t want to. Deciding not to live with your current flatmates does not mean that they will turn sour towards you, at least not if they’re understanding people.

Next blog will focus on a more controversial topic: why living in Cov is better than living in Leam 😉 

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