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Finding flatmates

Hi everyone!

This post is aimed at freshers who will be living off-campus next year.

You may just be settling in, but you’ll soon be starting to consider where you want to live, and more importantly; with who!

I want to throw out some ideas to help you;

  • Join societies – whether sports-related or anything else, societies are the main way people form close friendships and therefore a great way to find people!
  • Course mates – These are people you see often, some people prefer not to live with course mates as it increases the pressure during deadline/exam time, but definitely something to consider
  • Your current flatmates – Many people continue living with their current flatmates, which is a great idea if you get along with them: You know what their habits are and their lifestyle in general, there won’t be any surprises!

Do take into consideration what sort of person you are and what you are looking for in flatmates. These are people you will be living with – don’t rush on your decision.

Do you want to live in a certain area? (walking distance to campus, are you okay with taking the bus? Leamington Spa or Coventry?)

Are you somebody who prefers the nightlife or daytime activities? (Maybe a bit of both?)

Do you want somebody who has similar interests to you or are you okay with everybody having completely different hobbies?

I also recommend going through Warwick Accommodation if possible – there are no deposits and the houses are thoroughly checked to ensure their suitability (many landlords try to get away with not taking care of many important things, hoping students won’t complain)

More importantly: Take your time with the decision, it is okay to do this towards the end of next year: many people do even if it doesn’t seem like it!

Don’t worry, and don’t stress!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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