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Finding a job in an economic crisis

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

One of the main reason that people attend university is to increase their employability. However job prospects for graduates are not currently that great, so what can you do whilst at university to boost your CV and likliehood of getting a job?

1. Join societies- by playing an active role in societies particularly the exec you will gain a variety of skills to put on your CV such as an ability to stick to budgets, plan events, dedication and take leadership.

2. Getting a part-time job or volunteering- there are lots of jobs on campus including virtual jobs such as blogging, Warwick Welcome Service (WWS) Ambassador etc. Just like societies, these will provide you invaluable experience to put on your CV. Most importantly it will show a prospective employer that you are able to balance academic life and work. It shows them that you are proactive and allows you to gain other opportunities along the way. Through WWS I gained a variety of opportunities including the chance to work as an Outreach Officer, Department for Education and the Sutton Trust.

3. Meeting with the career team- you may be like me and unsure what job/sector you would like to do after university. In an economic crisis this may be a good thing as it will mean you are more flexible about what jobs you apply for. I would suggest do not be too stuck on only applying for particular type of role, getting your foot in somewhere can allow you to get your dream job. When I met with the career team they asked me to fill in a short questionnaire about what I was looking for from a job and it told me what my skill strengths were which made it much easier to write my CV. They also provided ideas of what jobs to apply for. Make sure to book an appointment on MyAdvantage.

4. Use your free time effectively- this is probably the most free time you will ever have, use it to gain a skill, attend virtual seminars or a virtual internship. Once again this will show your flexibility and self- drive.

5. Attending mock interview sessions- a variety of societies run session on mock interviews, what to include on your CV and assessment centre. These are run by people who have been in these situations and even if they were not successful they can advise what they learnt.

6. Improving your LinkedIn- this is on my job list- LinkedIn is now vital- one of my friends was asked who there best connection on LinkedIn was when attending an interview. It allows you to make connections particualrly when you meet people at university it is worth following up on LinkedIn because you never know where they will end up.

7. Be resilient- unfortunately rejection is likely to increase during an economic crisis therefore you must continue to persist. I know how hard this is but try not to take it personally and always ask for feedback.

There is no set prescription of how to get a job particularly in an economic crisis but I hope some of these tips help.

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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