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Finding a house!

So it’s that time of year again, when lots of you freshers are having to think about your housing situation for 2nd year. I know it sounds silly that this gets sorted out in term 1 because many of you are just getting to know new people and are still settling in! The good news, is that if you haven’t made those close connections yet, you can look for housing in term 2 and there will still be plenty of spare rooms going or houses available. Most of the ‘good’ houses do get taken up in term 1 so I would encourage you to start talking to course friends or current flatmates about housing because more often than not, they will want to ask you about it too!

I will give you all some pointers when its comes to choosing a house in relation to the area, the type of house and the people! This is information I wish I had known before I started looking.


Leamington Spa- I would recommend this area the most, however it does depend on what kind of person you are! If you want to be where the clubs, restaurants and most off-campus events are, then Leamington is the place. Most students choose Leamington so if you want to live here, get in early and try and find a house because they disappear quickly.

Coventry– If you want to be somewhere still busy but closer to campus then Coventry is a good option. You’ve got Kasbah and plenty of shops (including Ikea, cause who wouldn’t want to live near Ikea). Also, if you’re wanting to merge with the Coventry students, then you’re more likely to, if you live in their student areas.

Kenilworth– This is the cutest little town you’ll ever see! It is quieter but there are still shops and plenty of pubs in Kenilworth. Plus lots of lovely scenery, Kenilworth Castle and nice restaurants. This is less popular in terms of students but close to Leamington and the University so you get the best of both worlds!

Earlsdon– This is a much quieter area, so if you’re not much of a clubber and prefer to live somewhere less busy then Earlsdon would be a good place. There is less going on but still quite a few shops and cafes plus a subway! As well, Earlsdon is closer to Coventry so that would probably be your local journey for clothes and socialising.

Canley– And if you’re all about efficiency and saving some money, then Canley is your best bet. It is literally just off campus, so you’ll save a ton of money not having to buy a bus pass, you can wake up later for lectures and you could go to loads of campus events without the hassle of a long journey. The downside to Canley is that there is very little there, you’d be near Canon Park which has Tesco and other shops however getting to Coventry or Leamington would take a while. I have also heard that many international students live there, which might be more appealing for some.

Types of housing and numbers of people:

Flat– most students choose to live in flats, I did in my second year and it was brillaint! It is usually warmer because there is less space for the heating to travel and you’re likely to be in a block with other students. The downside is less space for parties and living so close to others you might have noise problems. However, from my experience, I loved living in a flat so I definitely wouldn’t rule it out!

House– Obviously most students will go for a house because there is more rooms, it is better for social events and you can choose either a quiet or student area. I am in a house this year and it’s great, I have a bigger room and we have had quite a few socials at ours because we have the space.

On campus (room)– Many students choose to stay on campus or come back to campus for their 3rd year! This is not always possible because the university may not always have space but I have heard some people doing this. Obviously the benefits are that it is always warm, the bills are all included and you have regular cleaners coming in to sort the place out. If a room suits you then this might be a good option.

Numbers:I have only every lived with 3 other people, so 4 all together. This is a great number because there is usually someone in the house and the mess is never too bad. However, I have heard some people living in numbers going up to 8-10 people. If you’re really sociable, then this would be perfect because you’re likely to have a right laugh and there will be plenty going on. The downside is that the mess will be worse, but if that doesn’t bother you then you might want to think about this. Overall, I would recommend at least 2 or more people to share with because you’ll have more company and you’ll make more friends.

The people:

The is definitely one of the most important aspects of choosing accomodation for your second year! What is common for students is that they choose people they’re friends with now, but as 1st year goes on they meet new people and live with them in 3rd year. However, most students stick with those they live with and maybe add an extra person in their 3rd year. You need to think long-term when choosing housemates, ask yourself questions such as; can I see myself living with these people for the year? Do we get on well currently? Are there other people I would prefer to live with? Don’t settle for anyone, this is your university experience, so make the most of it and be picky. You’re more likely to have a successful 2nd year if you do this.

I hope this blog has been helpful, if any of you are worried about finding housemates, don’t panic. I decided to jump into a flat with 3 people I’d never met before at the end of term 2! They turned out to be my best friends at uni, so don’t worry, you always have the option of taking up a spare room. Hope term 1 is going well for everyone and you’re all getting excited for CHRISTMASSSS!!!

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