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In my opinion, one of the best part of Freshers is discovering all the new societies you’re able to join. Warwick offers everything you could possibly want in terms of societies, and if you want to create one, you can! Joining a society is a great way of meeting new people, having fun and sometimes, it can even help give your CV that extra little boost. When I went round the Freshers’ Stalls, I remember being overwhelmed with the sheer number of societies available at Warwick. Before arriving, I had flicked through a few of the brochures sent out to me informing me of societies I could join, such as Lacrosse or Netball, but many of the societies weren’t mentioned, or were less advertised than others. Therefore, when mingling through the crowds of people at the Fair, I was fairly overwhelmed by the whole experience. Instead of singing up to every newsletter and jotting my name down on every piece of paper that was shoved under my nose, I wanted to find something that I would really take something from. So Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I would like to present to you Warwick Management Risk Society. If you want a society which has all three of the above qualities, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve recently joined the Exec Team for this society and I can tell you that they are a bunch of really great people running the show. The events we’ve got lined up for you are fun and exciting (all will be revealed at a later date on our Facebook page here! : LINK). Risk Management Society, or simply WRM for short, is a student-led institution built to nurture the curiosity of those interested in risk management and to provide the opportunity to understand how it shapes the world we live in. The society not only enhances your skills but develops you as a person, opening endless opportunities for those involved. We are hoping to put on a range of events in order to help develop you as people, giving you life skills that will help you in any business related job. One of the big focuses for this year is going to be on creating events whereby host speakers from leading firms will come to Warwick and give talks designed specifically tailored to your interests. These events, most likely to be held in our most recently built lecture theatre the Oculus, will be run in order for you to find out more about financial risk management with people directly involved in the business. These will be perfect networking opportunities, which is at the core to every successful business relationship. Alongside the events, the Exec team also offers a scheme which will provide support with applications for insight days, internships and graduate schemes. This personal touch brings us together as a family, and is another way for you to learn about us, as well as each other. We aim to be bigger and better than ever before and we hope that you would like to be part of this new movement on campus. Facebook Page:

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