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Financial advice for university

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Before coming to university make sure to read these financial tips:

1. Warwick App

Hopefully, you should have applied for student finance and now know the amount you will get to live off and how much your parents are willing to contribute. From this, you decide which accommodation you will be able to afford. Once you have added what your parents will give you and student finance divide by the number of weeks of your accommodation application (either 35 or 40). The remaining money needs to be budgeted for the key things I budgeted for were: (there is a great app developed by Warwick which will work out what to spend for you by imputing some information- it can be downloaded on Google Play Store or with the Apple App Store by searching for Warwick Student budget



Society subs 

Laundry- this cost me more than I anticipated



Socialising/ entertainment

Trips home



2. Tesco delivery

Depending on where you live on campus it may be easier to get a Tesco delivery. I found it easier to do this as a flat and then having a delivery will only cost you 50p. Having a delivery will mean you are less tempted to buy unnecessary items. Make sure to go to Tesco on a Thursday evening as they tend to discount items then.

3. Unidays/discounts

Make sure you download student discount apps such as Unidays, StudentBeans etc. On freshers week most high street shops give 20% off so keep an eye out. Ensure that you use your student ID card in SU and University cafes/bars because you get 10% off.

4. Getting work

Make sure to sign up to UniTemps and get flyers from fresher fairs to help increase your budget.

5. Finding the best student account is a challenge as you can easily be tempted by the incentives they offer. Make sure to look at the link below for some helpful advice on which student account to choose.

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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