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Final Year Research Project

Now that exams are all over and done with, our full attention is turned towards our final-year research projects. Some input was required earlier in the year, as in term 1 we chose our projects, and in term 2 we delivered presentations about them. The project allocation process involves reading through the projects that are available, and there are hundreds as there are enough for one per student. There were multiple lists and for each one we had to select one out of the list and specify what rank we gave it. It took a lot of time to look through all the project titles and the backgrounds behind the projects. It is worth dedicating time to do this because the whole project experience is bound to be a lot better if you’re researching into a topic that interests you! The projects are assigned to students using some kind of technical algorithm, and you’re more likely to get one of your higher choices if you got a first in your second year.

I’m doing an entirely literature based project, but other projects will involve a lot of time in the laboratory. It is up to you how you chose your projects: maybe some lab based and some literature review, and then just see what you get. I went just for the literature ones as I knew that I wanted to thoroughly read up about a topic area rather than carry out the research myself in the lab. My project is about the use of bacteriophages in medicine. 

 Having spent so much time revising, I’m looking forward to actively writing up a piece of work, learning about new ideas and reading about recent research. This is the only thing we do now until the end of term, so I’m also looking forward to having a bit more time to spend doing other things besides revision! There’ll be time to go swimming, fitness classes, meeting friends and going to society events. I’m intending to get a good routine going where I work up at Gibbet Hill in the computer suite each day. 

It will be so satisfying to produce this  piece of work, and hopefully be a great way to finish my degree on!

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