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Final Year… Completed!

For the first time in over 10 years of education, I have absolutely no work to do! My last exam was at the start of June, and my poster presentation and viva were completed shortly afterwards. I think that my exams went as well as I could have hoped; I worked as hard as I could whilst still giving myself enough time off to relax. My work-life balance has certainly improved over the last four years. It’s something I think makes a positive difference in terms of productivity and performance. I will find out what my final result is on Wednesday, so fingers crossed for then!

The time between finishing exams and waiting for results and graduation has been strange, but I’ve been keeping myself nicely busy with lots of fun things. Most of my time has been spent resting, reading and watching Netflix. After revising for so long, all I have wanted to do is get into bed and properly chill! Catching up with the TV I missed during exams has been especially lovely. At the start of the year I joined the Leamington library and have been taking out a couple of books every few  weeks. Reading is one of my favourite ways to relax and reading for free is even better! I would really recommend doing this for anyone living in Leamington; the library is a decent size with a good selection of books.

I have made no secret to how much I have loved living in Leamington Spa, but before I left I wanted to properly explore the city of Coventry. Last week I took a train from Leamington to Coventry, which was only 15 mins and cost around £5 with a rail card. I visited the old and new Cathedral and wandered around the city centre. It was interesting to learn about how Coventry was affected by the Second World War and the subsequent rebuilding of the city. The themes of peace and reconciliation could be felt in the new cathedral, where the stained-glass windows honestly took my breath away.

Stained glass in the new Coventry cathedral

Since my friends and I are heading our separate ways at the end of the year, I have spent a lot of time with them. It will be strange being so far away from each other and seeing them all every day will be the thing I miss the most about university. To celebrate the end of exams, a group of friends and I went on a trip to Warwick castle! Despite being called the University of Warwick, campus is around 20 minutes by car from Warwick Castle, or 15 minutes from Leamington Spa. It was the best day out! We went to a talk about the trebuchet, watched the falconry display, climbed the castle walls and explored the state rooms inside the castle. The whole day was perfect and was the best way to round off a great four years at the University of Warwick!

View of Warwick castle from the walls


  • Charlotte

    Congrats on finishing your degree! I’m about to start a degree in Maths and Physics but I’m worried that I’m more suited to maths and maybe not as keen on physics as I previously thought. Is there any disadvantage to doing both? Will I be held back in maths because I did a lot of physics if I go down the maths route? I know that maths helps physics but does it work the other way around? Is being a sociable person/ extrovert compatible with physics? Thanks!


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