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Final weeks of my degree

It’s nearly the end guys!

I honestly, cannot believe that I am revising for my last exams for Classics. It is crazy to think that it is almost over. Looking back I have loved every single minute of my time here, even the work has been so much fun. Leaving here is going to be really difficult because it has taught me so much about myself and the world around me but it has also taught me that I know nothing about the world too!

Here are a few tips to ensure that you are doing your best for your final revision!

  • look at your previous papers! Look at what you got last time, and see how you can improve. I organised a meeting with my personal tutor who looked at my previous papers with me and discussed my weaknesses and strengths when it comes to exam time. I am very good at remembering things and can answer historical questions well when it comes to theoretical that is when I begin to struggle. So now I am taking more time to explain why I think what I think, and how that has an effect on how I am answering the question. There is no point throwing evidence at your examiner if you are not explaining why this enriches your answer.
  • PRACTICE! Remember at school when you did over 20 practice papers, you are crazy if you do no to a practice paper. If you do not have any past papers make sure you contact your department, and if there still is not any papers, make up your own questions, and try and answer them. Look at previous assignments and essays and try and see if you could answer them. Remember exam essays are very different in comparison to coursework so make sure you have got a concise and direct writing style that cuts out all of the waffle. Make essay plans before you start writing, do it in timed conditions, know how much time you have per question before you go into the exam.
  • Be strategic: When it comes to revision, make sure you are making as many links as you can between topics because the more information that pops into your mind when you are writing your answer down the better. The only way that is going to happen is if you actually take the time to look at all the content and see how all of the topics and case studies will help you to answer any question on the exam. Classics exams are brilliant for this because the questions are so broad and you have control of which route you will take, only if you justify your argument along the way. Look at the lecture notes and handouts and see what has been repeated, and see what are frequent examples given by your tutors.

Enjoy revision!!!

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