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Final week

Strikes, deadlines, dissertation…where is the fun?

So I’m sure most of you have heard about the strikes that are happening around campus. Not all departments are involved but Classics is and it is affecting our work (but that is the whole point). I honestly hope some sort of an agreement is made soon because the negotiations seem to be very slow.

Anyway, that means I have had more time to work…have I been productive? Absolutely not! Work seems to be so tedious now, I am not enjoying it like I used to. Which is a problem because I am in my final week of term and I still have my dissertation to complete. I honestly just want to be done with this work. But I can not have this attitude I need to switch back to work mode.

It was ASOC Ball over the weekend, and honestly, it was so much fun! Warwick Bhangra performed again and I was finally on stage doing what I love. I saw my friends from home, they also came up for the ball. We all danced, ate good food and it was a nice way to end the term. It is fun dressing up and just taking pictures together making memories. Makes you realise how much you have grown up with each other. University is honestly crazy and it is sad to think that I am leaving soon. I honestly do not want to leave. It has been hard and I am excited to finish my education, I am going to miss my friends the most. Not seeing them on a regular basis is going to be the hardest thing, but that is when you have to make an effort and ensure that you keep in contact with them.

The final week now, my dissertation has been pushed aside again, I keep getting frustrated with it because it is not how I want it to be. But what I must realise is that it can only be that way if I keep working at it and I am not giving it the time it deserves. But the pressure is back on and I am ready to work on it. Remembering that I have to argue and analyse and remind myself why is it that my dissertation is important is not easy to do. Especially when you are doing a topic where the majority of it is independent observation. However, reading your dissertation as a whole piece is what makes it easier, first writing it in chapters is useful, but then reading it in one go helps to tighten its structure.

Enjoy your final week and make those memories. University is more than just your work, it is about the person you become!

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