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Final preparations before exams!

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It is nearing the end of term 3 and examinations are coming soon for IFP students, I thought I would share some tips online which helped me on the do and don’t before the start of examinations :

as obvious as this sounds, panicking can only make you more nervous and more likely to mess things up. Instead, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you have it under control (even when you don’t ) and try keep calm

Do not procrastinate and leave things to the last minute Leaving thing to the last minute would only make you panic and that would make things worst (see above). Plan out your schedule beforehand to prevent last minute studying .


If you know that you can’t study in your room then learn to switch to another study environment, for example, the library which at this time would be more empty for the IFP students as the undergraduates are finishing their examinations. Know which environment works best for you. Is it studying with friends or studying by yourself better? Another thing to take note of is your study methods . You can try to switch study methods to see if it is more effective for you. There is no harm trying new methods


The biggest distraction most of us have is our phones. Leave your phone on flight mode or somewhere where you can’t see when study so you would not be distracted by it. If you get distracted by social media, you can try deleting the apps and re-downloading them again when the examinations end or you can limit your time to using social media (etc. Only during breaks or only once or twice a day) .


Learn the examination schedules and syllabus beforehand and prioritize what are things you know/do not know. Planning your stuff out can make you more confident and prevent last minute studying. It would keep you from cramming information in your brain and keep you from procrastinating against studying.

(but not long hours of break time).

What NOT to do during break time is to start watching shows or playing games which would get you addicted. It also makes it more likely for you to forget what you had just learn. Limit your break time to about 5 minutes per 25 minutes of studying (pomodoro technique ) . This prevents you from being sucked into watching YouTube videos or episodes after episodes of whatever you were watching or from playing games over again and over again.


This is extremely important especially before examination starts. While we would like to believe that we are capable of staying up late to study AND still feel awake and refresh for our exams the next morning, we know that is not true. Sleeping well while actually leaving our some contents is actually better than staying up late and cramming information as it allows you to be able to concentrate more during exams and more likely to be able to recall information from the past. On the side note, although caffeine can help you to stay awake, do not over consume them. Over consuming would actually have a negative effect on your body in the long run.

Hope this helps and good luck for your examinations!

Pei Lim | Science and Engineering Contact Pei

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