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Final day as a teenager – enjoying life like a teenager should…

… studying!

Hi everyone,

My exams start on the 7th of June so just over a week to go. With these exams counting towards that final certificate I get when graduating, the pressure is on!

I have chosen all of my topics and gone through relevant past paper questions for my exams, so now it is a case of continuing to practise answering questions and going through the content.

I’m still 19 years old *happy reacts only*, most of my course mates finished their teen years a long long time ago, so I am looking forward to no longer being the “child”!

Last year I had an exam on my birthday, so I am glad that isn’t the case this year, giving me a perfect excuse to celebrate tomorrow evening “revision break”. I received one of my political economy essay marks yesterday, and am so pleased I got a 74 – so a first! I really liked the essay topic which was on basic income, so I am strongly considering the political economy path in the future.

I’m hoping to go to Leamington Spa tomorrow for a dinner/dessert with a few friends, which is a nice change from being occupied in books and notes. Even Youtube is suggesting I watch public lectures on Hobbes’s Leviathan or the US Constitution…

HOWEVER: Term 3 really isn’t all doom and gloom. Firstly, once exams are over everybody goes into complete celebration mode. And secondly, Jules Gaspard gave a really helpful revision lecture for exam techniques: “revise around your day to day life, don’t let revision be the only thing you do.” Yes, it is true that by term 3, revision has become your day to day life, but really, you HAVE to remember to stay healthy: exercise, eat and sleep well, and have revision breaks with your friends! There is absolutely no way you can sleep for 5/6 hours and study for 20+ hours.

Personally, I am a massive morning person so I like to come on campus around 6/7 in the morning, go for a quick swim then work until around 4/5PM and have the rest of the evening free to binge-watch Kitchen Nightmares. Some of my friends find that they get easily distracted working in the morning, and so prefer to have the morning/afternoon free and then study in the evening. The campus has quiet study spaces if you find that this applies to you, such as the library, seminar rooms and University House. Whilst I am against the idea of all-nighters (I was worried I would be up pulling one every night at University but I promise with good time management this really is not the case), it seems to work for some people, so find out what is best for you: are you a morning or evening person? and work around that. You probably aren’t both though, and even if you are, remember: it is about the quality, it is extremely unlikely that all 10+ hours of your revision is productive, so find out when you are most productive and don’t feel pressured to go beyond that! After all, the best way to stay productive throughout the week is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All the best to you all; either sitting university exams, A levels, or GCSEs 🙂

Shanita 🙂 xo

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