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Filling up the summer

Congratulations you’ve made it through another year of education, whether that be school or a degree you still have a pretty long summer to fill and unfortunately catching up on sleep won’t quite cover it. I have a range of ideas to give you money for university/treating yourself and to gain valuable work experience which helps finding both part and full time work.

The first of which is volunteering. You would only have to commit a couple of hours a week and you can do more if you love the work involved. Everyone that works in a charity shop are usually lovely and it never really felt like work to me. Volunteering is incredibly helpful when applying for part time jobs as it sets you above other candidates and builds skills that you need for customer service. Volunteering isn’t always boring charity shops, it can be in care homes and even some at historical recreations if you’re lucky to be accepted. You can do as much or as little as you want and you can even use it for personal statements.

Part time jobs are always useful over the summer holidays when you can usually pick up more hours and work at any time during the day. If you can work 16 hours a week (~4x 4 hour shifts) then you’ll pick up ~£320, this is plenty to live off for a month and if you’re at home then you can save money for fresher’s week or any treats while at school/uni.

Get playing sports or going to the gym. By the time, you’re home and showered that’s 2 hours of your day gone so less time spent being bored. If you join a local team you’ll gain a social group as well! The gym allows you to go at your own pace but it can be expensive so a lot of the time you can just find an open space to do some circuits. It’ll help increase your fitness and can help in feeling more awake throughout the day.

Getting lost in a book always kills a few hours for me. Just entering a world away from the one that you’re in helps time to fly by. If you’re feeling extra motivated you can look over stuff that didn’t go well during exams or even prepare for the next academic year. But that’s only if you’re really desperate. I haven’t really looked over lots of content but that’s because none of my exams have gone terribly so I have never felt the need. I will however look at different modules considering content, the lecturers and how they’re assessed. I’m usually not too bothered what term they’re actually taught in as I go off more what I will enjoy.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer and enjoying the break!

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