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Feeling like an Impostor?

Sabrina Di Monaco
Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina

I wanted to make my first blog post on a topic that was very important to me and something I struggled with during my first year at university as well as every year that follows. I remember starting on my first day at Warwick and being so overwhelmed. Even during my A-levels, I never thought I would get the grades to be able to get into the university and so I already felt out of my depth. Everyone seemed to be knowing what they were doing, were capable and understood everything and I did not. This could only lead me to think that I didn’t belong here and that I wasn’t good enough.

It is this feeling that I didn’t belong that I attribute to one of the factors to why I’d lose motivation and by consequence, not do as well in my studies. This would lead to a vicious circle of me thinking I was not good enough and looking at my grades and thinking the same. So, if you are reading this and you feel the same way, this is a reminder that so many people feel this way and just because you feel this way doesn’t mean it is true. Chances are that the people you are looking to in admiration are feeling the exact same way.

Whenever I have felt like this, I remember to tell myself the following: 

You are capable and you are worthy of your place here, if you feel as if you aren’t doing well or out of your depth then know it is okay to reach out and ask for help. This doesn’t make you less intelligent or capable compared to anyone else, everyone has taken a different path to get to the university and so everyone needs to learn and grow in different ways! If you believe you cannot do it then chances are you won’t be able to. Be kind to yourself and know you can only progress, learn and get better and have faith that you will in time.

The main thing that has made me feel this way is the comparison between me and others around me. You see people completing tasks with ease or already doing applications and it leads you to feel pressured that you should be doing the same. Make sure to remember that you are on your own path and although it is good to be inspired by those around you, it shouldn’t make you feel like you aren’t as great. The more time spent on comparison with others means you have less time to focus on getting to where you want to be! 

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Sabrina Di Monaco
Sabrina Di Monaco | Chemistry (with International Placement) Contact Sabrina

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