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Favourite Places to Eat on Campus

There are so many lovely places to get food on campus, whether you’re in the mood to treat yourself or want to impress your friends and family when they come to visit. Whatever you fancy, there will be a food outlet to suit! I’ve compiled a list of my fave places on campus to eat… sorry if it makes you hungry!

4. Xananas

Xananas is the restaurant on campus located above Rootes Grocery store, and it sells a wide variety of tasty meals. It’s the perfect place to go for a nice dinner if friends and family come to visit!

3. Dirty Duck

As well as being the setting of the legendary Quackstar Karaoke night on a Wednesday and Cleverducks Pub Quiz on Thursdays, the Dirty Duck also offers your typical pub grub. Think burgers, pies and lasagne; it’s a bit more relaxed than Xananas but still a lovely place to come and chill with your friends!

2. Bread Oven

Although around lunch time the queue for the Bread Oven is very long, I’ve found (from lots of experience!) that it moves very quickly, and the sandwiches are well worth the wait! There are a variety of different bread choices, fillings and salad items, so you can really make your perfect sandwich! There is also the option to have the fillings on a salad box or wrap, which is a nice alternative to a baguette.


Fajita filling on a salad box

1. Curiositea

My personal favourite eating place on campus though has to be Curiositea! The selection of cakes and other sweet treats is extensive and delicious, and there are many different blends of tea to choose from to go with the cake. Curiositea also often has weekly themes; last term we had Halloween, Winter Warmer and Christmas specials, and this term there were special items on the menu to celebrate Valentine’s Day, One World Week and World Book Day!


Tea and cake at Curiositea at Halloween!

A great thing about eating at SU food outlets like the ones above is that there is a 10% discount when paying with your Eating at Warwick card. The Eating at Warwick scheme is accessed through your university student card at Warwick, and money can be put onto your account online or via machines in the SU. The discount is a perfect excuse to treat yourself to some tasty food!

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