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Favorite Spots on Campus to Get Stuff Done

We’re three weeks into term and work will quickly start to pill up. This means you will need to find an effective way to get stuff done (GSD), and a crucial ingredient for that is your work place of choice. It may change depending on the kind of work you have to do, but whether that is reading and preparing for seminars or ticking items of that to-do list, chosing your work place wisely is essential. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots on campus I like to go for different kinds of work.    Favorite to-do list place – Cafe Humanities   I absolutely love this café. For starters, their coffee is by far the best! Besides that though, I really like the ambiance there. They play good music, have power outlets all around and good, comfortable table and chairs to sit in. If I really need to focus and concentrate on my reading, it is probably a bit too busy there but it is is absolutely perfect for other jobs. In fact, I’m sitting there writing this post right now!   Favorite deep focus place – Library 4th floor, between the books   My go to place for when I need to get through  large readings or prepare for a seminar is, unsupringsly the library. But, the library is big, so choosing where to sit exactly can be important! Personnaly, I like the seats between the rows of books on the fourth floor. It tends to be less busy on those higher floors and I’m also close to the law textbooks, which is useful. The only inconvenience, if you’re a girl, is that the female bathrooms are on the floor below. But, then  again, that little trip down the stairs makes for a good study break!    Favorite secret spot – Ramphal building balcony   There are only a few seats available, but, if you can get a spot, they are amazing! The building is usually very quiet (except in between lectures) so a good place to be productive and GSD. There are power outlets at every seat and the stools are comfortable. I have a lot of my lectures in the Ramphal lecture theatre so tend to go there straight from the bus, have my breakfast up there and read the news or my reading notes before a morning lecture.    All time favorite spot! – The Oculus   I can safely say that my all time favorite place to work, eat or just chill is the Oculus. I love the modern, work orientated yet relaxed vibe of that building and find myself to be very productive there. Of course, luck needs to be on your side when you’re looking for a place to sit. But, if it isnt’, I’ll just go to one of my equally good backups!    I hope sharing my favorite spots inspires you to get check them out if you haven’t already but also to go find your own favorite places. Everybody is different and has their personal preferences when it comes to picking a place to work in. There’s no right or wrong, and just because everyone seems to go to the library doesn’t mean it’s the place for you. Warwick’s campus is huge and offers a lot of very varied study places so, go explore and have fun finding the one that’s right for you! 

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