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FAQs at Open Days and Offer-Holder Days

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During Term 2 I was part of the Open Day and Offer Holder Day team for the Warwick Modern Languages department. This role was really fun because I had the opportunity to talk to prospective students and tell them about my experiences over the last four years and why they should really consider putting Warwick as their firm choice university. For this post I thought it might be interesting to go through a few of the questions that cropped up time and time again when discussing Warwick in general and also my course – German and Business.

So what made you choose Warwick?

I could write a whole blog post about this topic but to summarize, the main reasons were: the outstanding reputation and employability prospects, the friendly atmosphere of the campus, the fact that I would be doing a year abroad and finally the ideal location (not too close to home but only a 2 hour train journey away).

How did you find your Year Abroad in Germany?

It’s a really intense but rewarding experience. It can be difficult to uproot yourself from your home town and from Warwick but once you’ve settled in, you find that your survival instincts kick in and you can take on any challenge that comes your way. I enjoyed my internship in Berlin and it’s something I am always talking about in interviews now.

Do you have to go to a German University on your Year Abroad?

In my year abroad cohort, German and Business studies students had the following 3 options: to go to a German university for the full year, undertake a work placement for the year, or combine both to total 9 months. For German Studies students, there was an opportunity to teach English in a German school for the year.

How do you make friends at Warwick?

First years usually live in campus residences which means you’ll be placed with other undergraduates feeling just as nervous as you – friendships form very quickly as you meet so many people within a short space of time. You have to make an effort to start conversations in the shared kitchen and my top tip is to add people on Facebook in case you forget their names. Outside your flat, Warwick has so much to offer in its societies and there will be a Societies Fair and a Sports Fair taking place in the first few weeks of Term 1. If you’re studying German in some form or another, the Warwick German Society is a great way to meet people doing your course or something similar.

What was your first week like at Warwick?

My first week at Warwick was back in 2013 so all things have changed now but at the time I found it exciting, a little nerve-wracking, but also a lot of fun. In future years, Warwick will have a ‘Week 0’ for ‘Freshers Week’ but in my year Freshers Week was combined with my first week of lectures. It was very tiring to be going out to social events every other night followed by early starts for lectures but looking back, I have made so many memories from that week. I wish I could go back and do it all again!

If you have any more questions for me, feel free to leave them below 😊

Melissa Kaye | German and Business Studies Contact Melissa

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