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Falling asleep

I enjoy listening to nature sounds when studying like the birds singing, waterfalls, thunderstorms, strong winds or rain. While discussing this with a friend, I discovered he listens to rain sounds at night so I decided to try this myself and it works wonders! This got me excited about different ways of falling asleep and here I list a few…  

Listening to rain sounds. You can get free apps on your phone that usually have a timer and I always would time mine for 30-45 minutes. I did check with my flatmates and luckily none of them found it problematic!

Listening to sounds on the Headspace app at night. I learnt about it through YouTube ads and really enjoyed practising mindfulness in my room as well as listening to the night sounds.

Reading a book. This is one I have talked about a lot in my blogs but I really find it particularly useful when I couple a book with rain sounds. Sometimes I find that I don’t even realise how tired I am until I sit on my bed and just grab a book to mark the end to a day. Reading a few chapters helps me feel tired and sleepy.

Writing my diary. Screen are not the most useful but reflecting upon the day can sometimes be a useful way to stop your brain from racing around and focussing on just the one day and jotting down the thoughts and feelings. I am still with the Reflection app on my Mac but there are surely other apps out there for journaling.

Keep working until you get tired. We’ve all done this – had a day when we’ve felt super lazy and suddenly when it’s time for bed, it’s like ENERGY!! Try to use this energy to get some work done and then fall asleep when you feel like it.

When in bed, work on posture. For the first few minutes, lie on your back and let your body effectively sink into the mattress and relax your entire body. After a few minutes, go on your side. I find that I like to lie on my side but I always have to do my first few minutes of lying on my back. I can never just jump into my sleep; it is a process.

Keep the screens away. I have changed the settings on my Mac and my phone so that the night shift lights are on at all times rather than only at night. Sounds funny but I could never work with the blue screen lights; I get too tired. At university as well, you can turn on ‘Night light’ on the computers while working if you want to give some rest to your eyes. After this switch, I do find that I don’t struggle as much with falling asleep after staring at screens.

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