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University is not only about studying your chosen degree, but to get the full student experience. There are so many activities that you can take part in outside of letures.

Within my Chemistry department itself, we get RSc lectures usually every week. These are held by academics that talk about research that they’re currently undertaking. Sometimes they bring in external members, too to talk about general topics that might be of interest to someone wanting to go into research in the future.

URSS placement over the summer – This is a 6-8 week placement you could undertake as part of a team whilst being supervised by an academic staff. Through this you develop essential skills for life such as presentation skills and IT skills, and you get paid on top of that! It’s something that not only looks good on your CV, but many people have had great experiences through this and have given positive feedback when I spoke to them about it.

Language Classes are a chance for you to take language lesons in a language that is completely new to you, or a language that you want to top up on. These start from Beginners and go up to Advanced Level. This could be taken to develop your language skills in general.

St John’s Ambulance – There’s so many societies out there that allow you to gain extra qualifications and skills, but with this particular society, you get the chance of becoming a first aider depending on the success of your training etc. They also go through important aspects such as how to do chest compressions or how to recognize that someone is under shock.

The Boar is known as the heart of Warwick’s entertainment. It’s the student newspaper and one of my friend writes for the Boar. With this exciting opportunity, you get to choose articles to write about and it gets even better. A person will read it through and give you feedback on how to improve for the future, which is astonishing for all the writers out there.

Support Network – Warwick is an amazing univeristy with so many support systems build just for the students such as all the careers events, where you get separate ones for each sector and many big firms taking part. Last week I went to the postgraduate fair to look at taught and research masters as well as PhDs. There were 24 Russell group universities from the UK and I gained so much more insight and preparedness because of this event. Also, my dream is to pursue Graduate Entry Medicine, and even for that there’s so much on offer. There’s a PreMed society, volunteering societies and there are mock interviews held in the medical school for potential applicants. For the past three weeks I’ve actually been going toa a training session provided by a third year medical student here at Warwick. The sessions included how to do patient examinations from general to more specific ones, which I found very intriguing.

With all the extra events and activities around this vibrant campus, I’ve never seen a dull moment as a student!

If you have any questions about studying at Warwick, or anything else please feel free to comment.

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