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Exploring the strangeness that is Term 3

We are now a week into Term 3, and so far it’s been as disorienting as it was in my first year. For the next week or so, I only have a few revision lectures (4-6 contact hours a week), so my days are quite unstructured. 


Last year, once our weeks of revision lectures ended, we still had a few more ‘empty’ weeks to prepare for exams. This year, most of my exams have been moved up so I will be ending revision lectures and then my exams will follow about a week later (which is a little horrifying to think about). There is a positive side to this though, because at least I will not be as stressed for as long, since my exams will be over by the 3rdof June, and then I can enjoy the summer! 


I’m sitting three exams this year- two for core modules (Contract Law and Constitutional and Administrative Law) and one for my optional module (International Law), so I’m spending most of my days studying for those. I remember second and third-year students warning us that Law would get more difficult after first year, and I’m now finding out that they weren’t lying! 


It isn’t so much that there is more content to learn, but more so that we are expected to know about different areas in a lot more depth, and to be able to examine them more critically. This makes revisions more interesting, but it can also make it feel quite overwhelming just because there is so much to understand and untangle. Due to this, I’m studying with friends on my course when I can, because we all get to ask each other all of our questions and see if we understood the same thing (also, study groups are great for moral support! 🙂 ).

Because I find some of the material more difficult this year, I’m also taking full advantage of the support we get from the Law School, and emailing or meeting lecturers and seminar tutors to ask questions about the areas I find most confusing. This is something that I hesitated to do last year, because I worried my questions might be too simple and that I should figure them out by myself, but in reality it is so helpful to actually reach out to lecturers about your worries, and it makes revisions a lot less stressful 🙂


Alongside studying, Term 3 also makes me very aware of the fact that I’m almost done with my second year at Warwick, which is so strange to think about! This year has been amazing, and I’ve enjoyed it so much, so I am trying to make sure that I also take some time to appreciate Term 3 and the free time we get. Like a lot of students, I always tend to feel guilty when not studying, but breaks are so important when you start to feel stressed and worried (I fully believe that seeing Endgame was very much a crucial thing to take time out of revisions for). And because we have so few contact hours, there is time to structure your revisions according to however you work best and to still have some free time, which is a good thing about this term. For example, I know that I’m incapable of studying in the evening, so I do most of my revisions in the morning and afternoon, which leaves my evenings free to take some time off and think about something other than Law (currently the thinking about something else usually consists of watching The Office with my housemate 🙂 ).


This is quite a ramble-y blog, but hopefully it can give you an idea of what Term 3 is like!


Feel free to ask me if you have any more questions 🙂

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