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Experience a Year Abroad

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Warwick offers a great opportunity for students to take a year abroad as a mandatory aspect of some degrees or even as an option for an intercalated year. This allows students to experience a new culture, improve on personal development and become more self aware individuals. Students are able to choose between studying at a partner university affiliated with Warwick then returning to campus the following year to complete their course, or interning at certain institutions. With my course- Language, Culture & Communication, being highly supportive of the year abroad programme as means of nurturing intercultural competence, there have been multiple information sessions briefing students on the overview of study abroad opportunities and the various benefits that come with applying for them. Personally, I do feel like I would want to graduate university and start work straight away, as I have had my fair share of living abroad in multiple countries throughout my life and the additional fact that I am also very culturally immersed, having studied in multiple International Schools.Though I did initially consider looking into the year abroad, I have now opted to finish my three year course and then follow through by either further my studies in another institution located within the UK, or applying for Jobs straight after graduation.

Besides the sudy abroad scheme, another opportunity for those who are looking to experience going abroad can sign up for projects run by AIESEC. AIESEC, is a french acronym for “Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales”, or in English “International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences”. This is a youth lead, non-profit and non-governmental organisation that offers amazing outgoing volunteering and internship opportunities schemes, with the AIESEC network being so large, that it branches out across 126 countries with 70,000 active members across the globe. Getting involved with these projects, provides young people with the advantage of developing leadership skills, as well as cross-cultural internships and exchanges targeted to empower young people to make a valuable impact on society. This year AIESEC in Warwick has partnered with AIESEC in Brazil, to offer students with a 6-8 week volunteer excursion. This project; like all AIESEC affiliated projects, are Sustainable Development Goals oriented and due to the strong relationship AIESEC in Warwick has maintained with AIESEC in Brazil, applicants from Warwick have a high chance of achieving successful applications. Sign-ups for this project are currently open and will close on the 2nd of December, with slot availability presented as a first come first serve basis. Informational material will be available every Monday and Thursdays, at booths located outside the Library and various informational sessions will be run throughout the term.

Those who are interested in this scheme may sign up here, and for any questions or enquiries please email warwick@aiesec.co.uk or check out the projects at opportunities.aiesec.org.

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Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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