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Expectations vs. Reality: The Tripartite Edition

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First year is officially over, and I have grown to learn many things over the course of these three terms. Before being a part of EPP, I had a plethora of things to think about, and even more expectations. The fact that no one has graduated from it made it all the more intriguing, and learning three subjects at university seemed like it would induce a breakdown mid year. My expectations were met and surpassed in some ways, but in others I was far off. Today’s blog will be focused on the musings of a 17 year old girl before uni matched with the retrospective thoughts of her future self.

The Study

Before university: I expect a rushed breakfast as I head to my morning lecture. I take notes and barely keep up but manage to understand the content. I head to the library to finish my work as scheduled and then go cook some lunch in my accommodation before heading to a seminar. I finish off the day working on an essay. I have evening plans at terrace bar and get back to my room exhausted. This was an ideal day I had in mind as a girl with no ideas of campus life.

The reality: Term 1 was the period of adjustment. The freedom that comes with taking control of your own learning, the online lectures making concentration a difficult task, and living on your own in a new place. A combination of these things didn’t make the the most optimal learning conditions and I found myself adopting a routine for late light library sessions. In that way, I felt most unlike other students who spent term 1 enjoying themselves to the fullest and putting university work on the back burner. Term 2 was when I learnt to spend my time on my own terms, to work smart and play hard. My social life was considerably better, and while I wasn’t spending as much time working I knew I would be able to keep up with all the content coming my way.

The Balance

Before university: Three subjects from three different departments and my business school optional module seemed like they would be a nightmare to juggle, with more content to cover and clashing deadlines, I expected to be buried in work most of the time.

The reality: The departments teaching styles and assessment methods seemed to complement each other. While the economics department liked to focus on the content and preparation prior to seminars and lectures, the psychology department didn’t require any preparation before we came in to learn and provided content at a very manageable pace. Philosophy seminars were like conversations with peers, and essay deadlines often provided a much needed relief from tests and terminology. The various departments together ensured I was able to enjoy university life. However, the real test was in term 3 when my time management and balance were shaken with same day essay deadlines and back to back exams. I didn’t manage like a pro, but I learned some valuable lessons along the way.

The Fun

Before university: My expectations were a thriving social life with various groups. Having freedom to explore new places, try new things and not have two days be the same. I did have a small fear that life at Warwick campus would be boring, as it was in ‘the middle of nowhere’ as some would say. I attribute this to too much time spent on random threads on sites like Student room.

The reality: Time spent researching the place you’re about to study in for the next 3-4 years is justified and necessary. However, too much of it will expose you to the opinions of specific people that may give you false ideas of the future. The idea that some people had about Warwick being boring was far from true. Sure, it did not have London’s thriving clubbing scene, but it really does make sure you don’t miss out. I did not quite grasp the idea in my first term, but I managed to catch on in the second and final terms, which gave me the opportunity to explore university life, before it really counts following the first year.

You can ask me about anything you might think is…
Find out more about me Contact Diksha

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