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Exams & Third Year Modules

First of all, a quick side note… It turns out my revision setup (see previous blog for my revision setup details) is rather popular. As I write this, my housemate has taken to working with me (I’ve set him up with a desk at the other end of my room). Clearly my techniques are catching on… I forgot to mention Alexa in my revision setup post, she’s been very helpful in playing my music, keeping me updated with traffic information, the news and the weather. I should mention that ‘Alexa’ is an Amazon Echo Dot, not a girl I employ to sit in my room and answer my questions about the weather…

It’s Saturday evening as I write this, and I don’t think I’ve experienced a more evening in my time at University. Everyone, including me, is working. Today for example I’ve re-watched 5 contract law lectures using lecture capture and typed 1,400 words of notes encompassing the key points and cases I need to remember for the exam (it’s on 10th June if you’re interested). It’s at this time of year, around two and a half weeks away from our first exams, when everyone starts asking the same question: why didn’t I start earlier? I’ve asked myself that very question several times today as I start to realise the amount that still need to be done before the exams hit.

Thankfully, as I’m as WBS, I have access to all the resources I need on my.wbs. Slides from lectures, slides from seminars, lecture notes, reading lists, reference lists, lecture recordings, past papers, feedback on past papers, past paper solutions etc… So if I fail I can’t put it down to a lack of resources – it’s on me! I’ve written that down now… hope that doesn’t come back to bite me!

I’ve also been choosing my third year modules over the last few days. It’s never easy choosing modules, especially when you get to pick seven from a list of (at this point I started counting how many modules I could pick from, but then remembered that I have the option to take modules outside of the business school and I simply don’t have the time or the fingers and toes to count them all, but there are a lot). Having done 19 modules over the past couple of years, I’ve got a pretty good grasp on what I’m going to find useful in the future (i.e. what links in well with running my business), what I’m good at and what I’m interested in. As a result, my provisional choices are as follows…

Company Law IB3F20

Business Taxation IB3370

Economics of Strategy EC2290

Business Law 2 IB2370

Corporate Strategy Part A IB3D80

Law for Entrepreneurs IB3G40

Critical Issues in Management IB3810 (double module)

Service Marketing IB2650

Understanding the Entrepreneur IB3F70

These are very much subject to change, but I have really enjoyed law this year, so I’m pretty set on continuing with that. We shall have to see what year 3 brings.

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