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Exams, free coffee and massages!

Exams are in full swing now for many students now. Hope they are going well for you all and that you are making sure you don’t stress too much about them and take some time out to relax. A few suggestions if you are revising at the moment. it always helps. Know when all your exams are write them down. There is nothing better than being able to tick them off as you sit them. into small manageable chunks; don’t try to do too much all in one sitting. With that in mind, make sure you this will help you to concentrate when you come back to your revision. ; don’t sit revising cramming junk food down your neck. Plan your meals and make sure they are healthy. Oh and in the hot weather make sure you’re drinking plenty of water too. If you’re studying at the uni remember there are plenty of places you can fill up a water bottle for free.

There are also plenty of spaces on campus now, with more study spaces being made available, it’s always worth checking the uni website to find out more details. This morning I read a blog by Hope who is the Education Officer for the SU at the moment and I got a little bit excited. Apparently there is going to be some modifications made to the Westwood campus and there is going to be a specific learning hub, which is definitely needed (a little late for anyone just finishing there degree though). However, for new and current students I think this will be a genuine help when you are based on Westwood campus, as we all know at the moment there is not really that much space to study. According to Hope this will be in place by the start of academic year 2017/18. So for all you students, who will have the privilege of using this, please make sure you let the uni know how important this is to you all.

Did you know that you could get a massage on campus? If you are in the Rootes learning grid there is a massage chair. I’ve used it a few times, it’s great and a massage is always a bonus – who doesn’t like a freebie? Talking of freebies, did you know that ♯studyhappy have teamed up with library coffee bar to provide filter coffee and biscuits for all students, 7 days a week! Another bonus if you’re in the library revising for those exams. Remember it’s always worth checking your emails for details of what is happening at uni, whether that be events, extra study spaces, different ways to relax. It’s the best way to keep up to date with everything going on. You don’t want to miss out on coffee or finding the best place to study for you.

Good luck with all your exams and remember plan, break revision down into manageable chunks, take breaks and plan activities and eat well!

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