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Exams, Elections and Preparing for Third Year

It’s that time once again. Glancing over my desk, I see notecards, revision timetables, and various past papers strewn over my desk like a tornado’s hit it. Minor panic is in the air, and the calendar counts down the days until the fun begins. Yep, it’s exam season!

Each of my seven modules this year is examined, though the weighting varies from 90% to 50% of the module. Apart from my optional module, every paper is three hours, which is enough to make my wrist hate me given the distinct lack of such writing in the year so far. The papers are all crammed into less than two weeks, and the idea that, by the 10 I will be officially half-way through my degree is frankly quite terrifying – it certainly doesn’t feel that way!

As well as the exams, there’s the upcoming general election to keep us all entertained. Yesterday, I went to the Warwick Politics Society hustings for Coventry South (the seat the uni is in and where I live), featuring candidates from the main parties standing. They answered questions from the audience on student issues, the economy and Brexit, and it was a nice change to see politicians engaging directly on tuition fees, mental health services and other issues affecting students across the country. I have an exam on election day itself, but I’ll be voting in the morning, and most likely staying up for the results, giving me a day to recover before the last one!

As if things weren’t hectic enough, the department have also just opened the submissions for third year projects. This is the engineering equivalent to a dissertation, counting for 25% of my third year grade and culminating in a 50-odd page report, so it’s worth choosing something you find at least moderately interesting. Some students propose their own projects, and others choose from a list put forward by members of staff – questions not quite worth their own time, but simple enough to palm off to a third year! Thankfully the deadline for picking your project is the week after exams, so that’s kinda on the back-burner for now.

Once exams are over, everything quietens down – there’s no more lectures, so many societies take up the slack by running a load of events. I’ve got outreach events with EngSoc, the annual Warwick Labour vs Warwick Tories charity football match, and quite a bit more to look forward to. Now, just over a fortnight left until I can sit back and enjoy it all. Until next time,

Nathan L

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