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Exams, Echinacea and Endless Cups of Herbal Tea

So as my fourth and rather flu-ridden week back at Warwick after a year gallivanting around the globe finally draws to a close, with the glimpse of reading week just about in sight, I have finally found a few minutes to reflect on what has been a rather exhausting return to university.

Well, let’s put it this way. It all started with a lot of this…


Less than 24 hours after touching back down in England. Packing Lussana style…


I genuinely do not understand how I managed 6 months in South America with just one 20kg suitcase.

…A welcome from these…


The infamous geese of Lakeside (the clue is in the name). After a year abroad, I was lucky enough to be offered on-campus accommodation upon my return. Some things are just a little too difficult to organise from the other side of the globe.

…An initial week of chaos which looked like this…


You will be pleased to know that I did in fact survive that truly nightmare-ish first week back, and am still alive (well, just about) -as she gulps down another spoonful of Cavonia cough medicine- to tell the tale.

Take note of the word ‘exam’ that crops up somewhere amongst the muddle you can witness over the pages above, the state of which has seemingly also become somewhat of a synecdoche for my life right now. Yes, having just returned from my year abroad, the Italian department here at Warwick –in an act of true compassion and generosity- decided that nothing would prove more of a heart-felt ‘welcome’ back to Warwick, or rather, could drag us down better from our Italian-induced dream worlds we have currently been residing in, than some language exams….that actually count.

Note to the Italian department: We are still awaiting this so-called and much promised vino-fuelled departmental welcome party. We haven’t forgotten!


Needless to say, this was very much called for that week when one day an ice cream van just so happened to roll up outside our doorstop offering free scoops to all. I never did really understand why that happened. Only at Warwick.

Therefore, amongst the chaos of moving back into halls of residence; attempting to navigate once more (and without looking too much like a fresher) around an ever-changing and expanding campus that is Warwick through and through (it’s amazing how much can change in the space of 12 months); REVISING for two exams; frantically trying to resolve the endless clashes and mess that was my timetable…


Yes, I kid you not; my timetable genuinely looked like this

…repeatedly trying to register my modules (which until last Wednesday proved quite frankly a largely frustrating and futile quest); dosing myself up with endless supplies of Echinacea amongst practically every vitamin known to man in an attempt to fend off the infamous fresher’s flu until the last of my exams were over (which after four weeks, and consequently very little strength due to all of the above, my body has now finally succumbed to); whilst simultaneously battling through the mountainous work that is third year; it really is no surprise that each evening was, more often than not, ending rather a lot like this for me…


Endless concoctions of home-made herbal tea whilst wrapped up head to foot in alpaca clothing #NonnaForLife

Therefore, all in all, I think it is safe to say that if anything was going to suppress those nostalgic thoughts of llama antics, volcano climbing, and endless espressos, returning back to Warwick certainly has!


Moaning aside, don’t worry Warwick, I do still love you, and am reminded so particularly when I am greeted with a view like this on my way home from the gym.

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