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Exams and deadlines – Are you OK?

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a lovely Easter and are feeling super energetic for term three!

My essay deadlines were today – it is crazy seeing that they are all handed in! I had four essays to do:

– Comparative Politics: My essay compared African countries and their democratic transitions. I really loved doing this because I (almost) had full control of how I approached the essay. Typically, essay titles are given to you, and whilst you have flexibility on how you go about it, this essay was completely different. I was given an extremely broad title and got to choose the specific research topic and the theories/concepts I used. It was similar to my PR21 module last year where I did a research project on the British Medical Association which I loved. Both these projects have taught me that I love researching, so that is something I hope to do more off!

– Political Economy: My essay was on basic income, and I have to say – it is amongst my favourite essays so far. There was a lot of room for independent thought which was great and the current module director (Chris Rogers) was extremely helpful in helping me decide how I should best approach it. The essay followed on from the Political Economy module I did last year, and so it was great to further develop what I learnt. I don’t have an exam for this module so it is completely done for the year *Shout out to Chris, you have been fab, and may even have changed my opinions on a thing or two*

– Political Theory: My essay was on Rousseau’s Social Contract. It was very different from my other essays in that it was much more philosophical, but I found it really interesting. My seminar tutor, Helen McCabe is really well-informed in the topics, as is the lecturer Andrew Reeve, so it is amazing to be taught from those who really know what they are talking about!

– Politics of the U.S.A: My essay was comparing social media with television and other traditional media. I found it super interesting to write as it is so so relevant! The essay looked at which one is the best for debate and it definitely seems like social media is on the rise…

So – that leads me on to the “Are you OK?” campaign.

All these essays can appear to be extremely stressful, and well, I won’t pretend they aren’t. Knowing that each essay is a summative (counts towards my degree) and any silly mistake (like misunderstanding the question) can be fatal, is a little scary. BUT, PAIS are lovely in providing support. I spoke to my seminar tutors and provided them with essay plans, all of them were more than happy to help! Along with this, the formative essays (don’t count) really help in gaining feedback to improve.

Along with this academic support, the department also supports the Warwick SU’s “Are you OK?” campaign.

This is all about encouraging students to be more open about wellbeing – whether that be through encouraging dialogue, holding events or simply giving freebies (free highlighters!), it has been extremely successful. It is always lovely to know that there is support available if I ever need it, and the campaign also stresses that you are not alone. Ever. Whether you are going through exam nerves or difficulty transitioning into uni: as a team, we will get through it. To give you an example of what goes on, I have copied the timetable below:

  • Tuesday 11th October (Term 1, Week 2): Transition
  • Thursday 24th November (Term 1, Week 8): Housing
  • Monday 5th December (Term 1, Week 10): Stress & Time Management
  • Thursday 12th January (Term 2, Week 1): Mental Health
  • Friday 10th February (Term 2, Week 5): Team Warwick
  • Wednesday 15th March (Term 2, Week 10): Drugs, Study Drugs & Alcohol
  • Friday 28th April (Term 3, Week 1): What’s Next?
  • Tuesday 9th May (Term 3, Week 3): Exam Stress
  • Wednesday 14th June (Term 3, Week 8): Post Exams

If support is something you are concerned about, trust me when I say that I don’t have much to complain about; PAIS genuinely care about their students (we are in the process of having extra sockets in the common room after student feedback!) and will work as quickly as possible to deliver on any feedback whether big or small.

Now, time to rest for a bit to start my exam revision tomorrow!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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