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Exam time

So as most students at Warwick will know, Term 3 is an important time, espiecially 3rd years who will be finishing this year. I am just a first year however that doesn’t mean that I can slack on my revision or exams unfortunately because I want to proceed into 2nd/3rd year.

I have been back just over a week now and wow have the campus enviornment completely flipped on its head! Last term was a really buzzing campus, lots of sport, societal events, partying and coursework. I was so busy I barely had time to sleep haha but I enjoy my timetable being that way. Now though, most people are getting their heads down, studying in their rooms, the library and other study spaces. For other of you reading this blog who are Warwick students I recommend studying in your room rather than in a public space however this is a personal preference. Firstly, the library and the learning grid are very full of students and I find it can often be quite distracting when attempting to do work. The best space for me I find is in my room where it is nice and quite. What I tend to do is open my window slightly, put some relaxing music on (almost yoga music) quietly in the background whilst I get on with some revision or essay writing. This I have found very successful for me as I manage to get work done.

For those who are thinking about coming to Warwick University, don’t worry about term 3, yes it is an important time and yes you will have a lot of work to do but there is definitely still time to socialise. It is about efficiently managing your time because you are not going to be revising 24/7 that is unhealthy and is not an effective way to learn. My strategy is: I wake up at 9 o clock most days have breakfast then I get some work done until 12. I have lunch with my flatmates, have a chill then do some work from around 1-5 with short breaks in between. By the time I finish, I’ve done 6 hours of revision which is most definitely plenty I find for my work load in Sociology (please bare in mind this does not apply to other subjects).

This year I have three exams: Life of Media, Sociological Perspectives and Researching Society and Culture. These are at the end of May beginning of June so in a short space of time however the revision isn’t to bad at the moment. What is most important and I can’t emphasise this enough, is not to panic and stress. A combination of these two can seriously effect you emotionally, mentally and physically. Exams are not something that you should worry about, as long as you have prepared yourself and relax during the exam. It can be daunting and nerve racking I completely understand but if you are passionate about the course you are doing and you are accepted at Warwick University then I’m sure you will do great! For those who are struggling to cope, there are a number of sources on campus that will help for example, Nightline and the Warwick Counselling Service.

Good Luck to everyone in their exams, just think soon they will be over and we can all relax and party!!

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