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Exam survival tips and a small rant

Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

Hey everyone!

The last couple of weeks have been quite stressful, with me juggling between meeting my friends and family back home, revising for the summer exams, learning to drive, working on a group assignment that is due for submission as soon as we get back and planning my trip to Italy with a few of my friends after the exams. Why is the adult life so hectic??!!

I had come to India about two weeks back and will get back to university as soon as Term 3 begins. I am dreading the next term for it is going to be full of stress, pressure, all-nighters and nervous breakdowns (hopefully not too many).

However, what I have learnt from past experiences, is that exams bring out the best and worst in you. They make you angry, frustrated, moody, break you down but when you put in hard work and get a good result, you feel an unparalleled sense of pride and achievement.

Moreover, the best thing about the exam period is that YOU are NOT ALONE—everyone is in the same sinking boat and with everyone’s love, support and strength, you can get that boat up and sailing.

Whenever you are breaking down, regretting that you did not do much revision over the year, stop and think. By thinking about the past, you are just wasting your time, as unfortunately we do not have time machines and cannot go back and change the past. So, let bygones be bygones (excuse my poetic side), think ahead and achieve as much as you can in the days leading up to the exams.

Whenever you have had enough of stuDYING and need a break, go watch a movie at the Warwick student cinema, (they have AMAZING ones playing this term including ‘The Revenant’, ‘Big Short’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Deadpool’, ‘Spotlight’) go to the gym, go and treat yourself to a Dominos Pizza, or go do whatever makes you happy. And, it doesn’t matter if your flatmates and friends are studying at the time; go alone because you have deserved that rightful break.

Lastly, have faith in yourselves and keep your head held high, because I am sure you guys have it in you to nail it. You guys are brilliant, intelligent human beings after all, because why else would Warwick accept you?

So, best of luck and hope my blog post helped lower down your stress levels xxx

Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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