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Exam Results Explained

After two terms of intense learning and a third filled with exams, university exam results day is just around the corner. Good luck! But what does each outcome mean?


Well done! Let’s start with the happy one first. Passing the year means you don’t have anything else to do except be ready to crack on with learning next term. This means you can enjoy your summer ‘til your heart’s content and relax until the end of September. Yay!

The breakdown: 70%+ = 1:1; 60-69% = 2:1; 50-59% = 2:2; 40-49% = 3.


Ah. Things did not quite go to plan. Well, it’s not too late to fix it! What you can do now is resit the exams you have failed to try to ensure a better score so you can enter your next year. I believe these resits take place in summer the following year (but do check). This means you won’t have to redo all your exams (unless you failed every single one, lol) but just the ones you need to pass to enter the next year. Hopefully with a bit of revision, you can don these examaroonis and move on, however you will be one year behind your friends. If these don’t exactly go to plan, perhaps uni. doesn’t quite float your boat and it may be wise to withdraw. But! I’m sure that’s not the case and with a bit of effort, you’ll be right as rain and back to ~doing the learnings~.


I have two speedy stories here which have happened in my time, to my friendship group. Person A failed a module in their first year but passed overall. As the module was not a core module, they did not have to do any resits. This meant they progressed into year two as normal. (Wish they knew this at the time because they were tearful AF). 

Person B failed the year, so they had to retake the one core exam they failed the following year. On the bright side, this worked out well as they were on a three-year course, but all their friends were on a four-year course. I’m sure you’ve worked out that now they all get to live together and graduate together. Cute!


If you have any questions, by all means shoot me a message or leave a comment below. However, the best person to speak to is your tutor or module leader. They’ll be happy to help and make sure you can get the best outcome possible!

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