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Exam Guidelines and Useful Information

Hello everyone! I’m sure many of you (including me) will be revising for your Summer exams at the moment so here is a run down of all the things you need to know to make sure you are prepared and can organise yourself before you arrive to take them.

At Warwick, Summer examinations generally take place between weeks 4 and 9 of the term. The majority of final-year undergraduate students will be examined in the earlier weeks of this period, first-year students in the middle weeks and intermediate-year students in the later weeks; therefore, finalists actually have less time to revise than everyone else so bear this in mind.

This will give you all the information you will need about when and where your exams will take place, what time they will start and their duration. It can also be useful to print your own personal exam timetable out so that you don’t forget what date, time or room you need to be in! Also, be sure that you are reading the final version rather than the provisional one.

It is always good to know the layout of the buildings where your exams will take place and to familiarise yourself with this before you arrive if you don’t know the location very well already. Although most rooms are easy to find, you will most likely have some exams in spaces that you would never normally visit throughout your course or time on campus.

You are strongly advised not to take a bag with you to your exams as you will not be able to bring them into the exam room and you should not leave them outside the exam rooms as they can cause obstructions. The only exception is the use of plastic carrier bags carry texts or other materials into open-book examinations.

Some exams require a range of instruments and it is always advisable to take more than one pen with you. You can use a clear regulation pencil case to store these items for your own convenience.

These items may be kept on your person in pockets or in permissible pencil cases so you don’t have to worry about leaving these behind.

You are not permitted to take into examinations mobile phones and similar devices capable of information storage and retrieval, nor any devices capable of emitting noise likely to disturb other candidates. You should leave them in your bag and leave your bag in the attended deposit facility in the Students’ Union if you wish to keep them safe while your examination is in progress.

I wear glasses and would be unable to read certain pieces of information in my exams without them so these are vital for me. Also, if you’re a hayfever sufferer, be sure to take medication beforehand to prevent any loss of concentration and take any medications you may need with you.

You are required to present your university ID to an invigilator so make sure you take it with you and keep it displayed on your desk throughout any exams.

Make sure to check the regulations of this with your examiner but you will often be allowed to have a small 500ml (or smaller) clear bottle of still water with you throughout the exam. You may have to rip the label off but at least you can ensure that you will stay hydrated, especially during the heat of Summer exams.

Thanks for reading! Kristie

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