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Everything you need to know about Warwick Freshers Fortnight

I’m sure many of you will be on your way to Warwick soon to settle in and make the most of Freshers so I thought I’d tell you about a few things that will make your transition to university life a little easier so you can have more fun during this exciting time!

Make sure that you enrol to the university and register for an IT account with Warwick. You need to do this before you can log in to the SU website to purchase any event tickets and tickets often sell out fast due to their popularity during Freshers so log in and buy your tickets as soon as possible! You can also buy an NUS Extra Card (as you will officially be a university student!) to start making savings from day one and get the most out of student life.

For in depth information about Freshers and all the things going on, have a look at the Warwick SU website and join our official Freshers Facebook Group and Halls Groups (which are on Twitter and Instagram too so that you can stay in the loop and meet some people before you arrive!)

You should also receive your Welcome Guide and Freshers What’s On Guide in the post or you can read it online soon to see what events will be on. Individual tickets and a limited number of Freshers Passes which cost £65 and grant you access to all SU-run events in The Copper Rooms during Freshers Fortnight and Annual Passes which cost £135 and grant you access to all SU-run events in The Copper Rooms for the entire academic year will go on sale on at noon on Wednesday 13th September. So, if you’re a party animal and think you will be going to most or all the events during Freshers or the academic year then passes can save a lot of time and money!

Once you have bought your tickets, Warwick has an electronic ticketing system, meaning that when you buy a ticket for an event at the SU, it goes straight onto your student card which you then just swipe at the door. Therefore, there’s no need to pick up tickets unless it states that you need to do so while purchasing!

Freshers Fortnight commences from Monday 2nd October – Sunday 15th October inclusive and this is when the majority of SU events will be held. However, bear in mind that term also starts on Monday 2nd October and unfortunately a lecture-free Freshers period will only be introduced next year, so term currently runs alongside Freshers’ Fortnight at Warwick. Make sure you will be able to make it to any lectures you have throughout Freshers!

The main events that are currently scheduled include three Welcome Parties featuring Club MTV on the 29th and 30th September as well as on the 1st October, the Freshers Fair on the 30th September, a Foam Party on the 2nd October, Week 1 POP! on the 4th October, Playlist on the 6th October, Hall Wars on the 9th October, Week 2 POP! on the 11th of October and the Freshers Festival on the 13th October as well as various fairs running during Freshers Fortnight and many events and line ups still to be announced and confirmed!

If you want some souvenirs to fondly remember your first year at Warwick, Halls Hoodies will be available sometime in September and you can buy a Freshers 2017 souvenir t-shirt for £5 from the Piazza on the day you arrive – it gets you into that night’s Welcome Party before 11pm. Limited numbers are available, so make sure you snap one up fast!

Alongside having great nights out and meeting new people, Freshers is the perfect time to check out the incredible range of Sports Clubs and Societies on offer at the Students’ union with over 250 societies and 65 sports clubs, there is bound to be one for you!

Throughout Freshers week there are also a range of stalls to pick up those Freshers essentials (like a poster and a plant for your room!) as well as fairs for Societies, Sports Clubs, Democracy and Volunteering so visit the SU regularly so you don’t miss out on all the information and freebies!

Most importantly though, I hope that you all make the most of and thoroughly enjoy your Freshers Fortnight as you will only be a Fresher once and you’ll soon look back at your amazing first year at Warwick and wonder where all the time (and money) went!

Thanks for reading! Kristie

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