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Everyone Is ILL

There are countless people I know that are ill, both at home and at University so there seems to be a really bad flu going around. I thankfully have not caught it yet (touch wood), which I’m surprised by since both my Mum and Dad had it during the Christmas break, but I made sure to keep my distance…

With Uni having just started, it’s likely to be similar to Term 1 Freshers – loads of nights out and interacting with your pals after not having seen them for 4 weeks. Even though this is so much fun, it makes it more likely that you’ll catch the flu off someone, ESPECIALLY in clubs. Smack is probably the major danger zone, particularly downstairs as everyone is packed in like sardines and are breathing close to each other (it’s gross when you think about it). Although, I went to Smack last night and I luckily haven’t got ill so it’s not to say that you need to stay cooped up in your room to prevent yourself from getting ill. You may just need to take extra caution to not get too close to those who are ill and not share their drinks etc.

If you do find yourself getting ill and you need some medicine, I really recommend going to the pharmacy on campus. Even though I live in Leamington and I have a pharmacy close to my house, I’ll always go to the campus pharmacy in the SU whenever I have time in between lectures. Mainly because the pharmacist is super helpful and knowledgeable, I view him the same as a doctor as I always trust his opinion and will buy whatever he recommends. Also, the prices in the pharmacy are SO good, way cheaper than retail stores, I never knew that paracetamol could be less than a £1 since I normally pay £3 or more?!

There is also the Health Centre on campus so it’s a useful idea to register with them as your current doctors surgery, otherwise if you become seriously ill and need antibiotics, you’ll have to either go home to your regular doctor or go to a walk-in centre. If I’m completely honest, I haven’t registered at the Health Centre because I’m lazy and hope that my mum will pick me up and take me home if I’m really ill haha. However, I’ve heard loads of great things about the Health Centre from other Uni of Warwick friends so it’s worth registering – especially if you’re prone to getting ill quite often.

Hopefully none of you will catch the dreaded flu, although have some Lemsip on standby in case you’re hit with it one day!

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