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Essentials for Easter vacation

Finally, it is Easter vacation, time to enjoy home cooked food and preparation for term 3! In my final weeks of term 2, I really enjoyed spending time with new societies and preparing for my essays which are due in term 3. I took the time to do the extra reading and actually just sitting and listening to lectures (instead of frantically trying to write down every piece of information given to me). One thing that really helps is if you write your notes on the powerpoint slides given to you- your notes become more condensed and all in one place, which is perfect for revision notes. Unfortunately, I did not plan my essays so I could have discussed my ideas with my tutor, but hopefully, I can email some ideas over the holidays to get me started.

Now vacation has started and here are some top tips for a productive yet fun vacation…

– Find some time to catch up with friends, your friends from home have surely missed you time to spend time with them. Instead of the classic meal, try something fun! The weather is improving make the most of it. Do something outdoors, try a fun activity anything that is more memorable or something on your bucket list.

– Spend time with your family, take the time to see older family members and extended family. Update them on your academic and personal journey you’ve achieved more than you have realised. And they will love to hear about your lessons.

– Update everything, all of your electronics, your bookshelf, your music, all of the software on your phone/laptop/computer. Scan everything, remove all of your viruses. Term 3 need any silly excuses for procrastination.

– Create a timetable/organise your revision. Make lists of topics for you to cover so you can organise your time effectively. Split things into sub-topics because then you will be more efficient in your revision, slow and steady wins the race. Remember lectures and seminars are purely a guideline for revision, you need to read more and enrich your revision notes with various details.

have a great break, rest and refresh but make sure you get back into work mode!

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