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Essays In Term One

Of course I expected to receive assignments in my first term at university, but they’ve been pretty crazy and were overwhelming at the beginning! During open days at univerisities, they warn you that higher education study is independent and your way of learning is down to you – this is definitely the case. Even though I had been told this, I was happily used to the schooling way of being taught, where you get taught everything that you’ll need to know for the exam and you can rely on exam board textbooks. During the past few weeks, I have slowly realised that you don’t get taught every single thing that you are meant to learn, but you are actually expected to go out and do your own methods of learning. For me, this was not what I was used to! I much prefer being told exactly what to do and then ticking it off my to-do list when complete, so it’s safe to say that I was pretty overwhelmed when this all hit me.

This was also the case with essays and assignments, since I realised that we dont get given psychology report and essay exemplars, we need to find these ourselves in order to understand how to write one. Of course you’ll receive help and guidance in lectures, but you’re definitely not spoon-fed and allowed to have a thousand drafts checked like at school. I recently was assigned an essay which had the option of two questions, of which I chose a question based on Freud and Jung – now we had only had one lecture on Freud and Jung, so I wasn’t feeling confident with writing a 1500 word essay! However, I slowly got to grips with the whole researching aspect, which links in with all the referencing there is in higher education essays. Dont worry though, because you do get taught how to search up journal articles and how to reference etc so you’ll slowly adjust and learn along the way.

I felt extremely overwhelmed when I was set my first few essays, which were assessed too! Although do try to remember that everyone is in the same boat as you and probably feels the same way – I kept thinking that everyone was confident with what they were doing and I was the only person completely lost, but after speaking to others I found out that this wasn’t the case. So when you first come to uni, don’t let yourself get too stressed and if you do, speak to others in your course or a lecturer – you’ll feel much better afterwards! Once I get to grips with essay writing and feel confident with how to write a good essay or report in Psychology, I’ll do a post on my tips.


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