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Essays for Days: Essay tips and tricks

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One of the most daunting things about being in a heavily essay and readings based course; is the endless amounts of essays that just keep appearing on your tabula coursework page. No matter how many assignments you’ve submitted, the ongoing approaching list of deadlines seems endless. Unfortunately while we can’t escape the tedious process of slaving away at the library or learning grid, typing away grueling word after word, there are some helpful things to keep in mind to make the whole process slightly easier.

Start early: Easier said than done, (especially with so much going on in university), but try not put things off to last minute. I’m very much a hypocrite in saying this because the amount of all nighters I have pulled these past two terms is bordering on unhealthy. In a sense I am grateful for being used to structuring and organising academic papers, which is almost second nature to me now after two years of IB discipline- however, I still have to be very dilligent with time management and the quality of my arguments and points of evidence. On some occassions where I have rushed work and submitted without reading over, when the time comes for me to get my marks back I have been met with some dissapointments, but I had no one to blame but myself in that situation.

Read, Read, Read: If there is no content to write about- there will be no essay, or a really mediocre scrapped together one at that. By doing a sufficient amount of in depth reading this will ensure you will be able to successfully compose a well written piece reflecting on the essay topic assigned. This will also allow you to be more succinct and direct with your arguments and main points as you will avoid any of the over the top eloquent vocabulary that people tend to throw in to fill the word count. Make sure to make use of google scholar and other academic journal databases which you can access through your Warwick login.

Plan ahead: While some people prefer going about the essay writing process in different ways- in regards to planning, while others are able to simply start writing after jotting down brief reading notes, it is always good to have any sort of structured layout set up before writing. While it may seem very secondary school; this strategy enables you to have a clear picture of the different segments and arguments which your essay will revolve around. This will also allow you to smoothly transition into each argument and integrate the counterpoints and the supporting evidence in a well organised flowing manner.

Reference as you go: Plagiarism is a big thing in the academic community and the last thing you want to happen is to be pegged for copying work even if you had no intention to. By referencing books or journals that you have used within your writing as you write, this will make sure that you won’t have to scramble through all the pdf articles on your laptop frantically searching for author and page numbers along with formatting all the details properly prior to submission. or are some websites that can help you reference properly.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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