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Essay installations, mu dan tea, and distraction by geese


I am currently sitting in bed, and wondering when it is socially acceptable for me to give into to the relentless pleadings of just about every muscle and brain cell in my body and to slip into a solid 10 hour sleep. When my friend encouraged my migraine-induced-self earlier to get an early night (which would apparently require me to actually eat dinner before 9pm) I don’t think she had any idea just how serious I would take it. 


Those campus views though

Yes, I am back at Warwick and already shattered. What’s more, despite the shining April sun, after the 5 minutes of snow (yes, snow) I got caught in on my way home the other day, it has become very apparent that there is no need for my alpaca gloves and god-send-of-a –puffer-coat to start worrying themselves over a space in my wardrobe in the run up to this ‘so-called’ summer.

Yes, my herbal tea-fulled, essay-induced and revision-packed Easter holidays (well, if you can really call it that) have finally come to an end. I can’t say I am that disappointed. As much as studying from the moment one crawls out of bed, to the moment one crashes back into it after refusing to deny oneself that all-important and much needed few hours of ‘me time’ before it all starts again the following day (and consequently finding oneself desperately trying to keep awake through the last two episodes of Indian Summers until 1:30am) sounds thrilling, a part of me does want to start crossing off those days until Summer. Even if it seems that summer for me will be arriving approximately 1 month after the rest of my flatmates….*sigh*.

Never mind, whilst my Easter can most certainly be visually encapsulated in this beautifully constructed installation of mine…


I think that last essay on Virginia Woolf and the realisation that it has been far too long since I last picked up a paintbrush has definitely gone to my head

It did of course mean that once again, I got to sip some tea with this one…


Sippin’ exotic tea with the mother ft. some funky alpaca knits


Alongside all of this #allthetea


Whilst taking artsy instagrams… obviously in my element

Before even heading home, graced with a visit from the mother to help me lug the mountain of books (featured above) home, we made a visit to Warwick itself.

In fact, this was only my second ever visit to the town of Warwick (actually no, it’s not as crazy as it seems- as you are most probably aware, we are confusingly located in Coventry rather than Warwick itself). This may come as a relief to any prospective students a little concerned about the rather barren yet beautiful streets of the historic town of Warwick. Well, it did for at least one prospective language student and her father at last term’s offer holder’s open day who were deeply concerned at the lack of…well life in this tiny town nestled in the Warwickshire countryside. Rest assure; life outside of campus can be located in Leamington Spa. Panic over.

However, if you do fancy a posh brew, hours of pondering over just about every exotic tea infusion known to man, and endless Instagram opportunities upon the quirky upholstery of vintage chairs set within the wonky walls and low ceilings of a quintessential 500 year old house, the Thomas Oken Tea Rooms is a must.


And there it is. How it is still this cold at this time of the year I just don’t know. I am certainly suffering that’s for sure.

I must admit, despite the endless days of work, being home for almost five weeks was certainly much welcomed. And it provided even more opportunities for photo procrastination. Even if these did largely consist in documenting those small moments of inexplicable pleasure one finds when in trapped in the depths of Dante’s revision’s inferno


Such as rediscovering marmite and soldiers whilst having breakfast for lunch


Or embracing one’s inner grandma by attempting to grow sunflowers…don’t fret, the mother has been instructed to provide regular updates

Or even those natural moments of photographic bliss whilst desperately attempting to briefly escape revision though numerous trips down the road to Tesco, powerwalks around the block, and passeggiatas up and down the nearby canal.


Evening strollin’


Those reflections though

Yes, even the queen of stress recognises that frequent breaks from revision (whether in the form of an hour gym session, a cappuccino in town, or even a quick powerwalk up and down the road for some fresh air) are most definitely necessary, however late in the day.

However, back at university and with the only exotic tea close to hand being that in the form of those weird and wonderful herbal flowers and plants currently taking pride of place in my kitchen cupboard, my walks are now becoming increasingly more interrupted by these cuties…


I die a little time inside each time I walk past them

And of course these fellas…


I was genuinely quite late to my first lecture back after spending an embarrassingly long time photographing these darlings.


Better? I have successfully managed to pass the last couple of hours trawling through facebook, wasting about an hour looking for something to watch (and consequently not succeeding in watching anything at all) and writing to you all.

Ok, I give in. It’s bedtime at last for me.

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