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Environmental Sustainability at Warwick

I still remember it was week 2 of this term, a fresh Monday morning I sat down for breakfast and while eating decided to do what I typically do: read the news. A quick tap on Apple News and the first thing I read was about the IPCC report that came out.

Initially, to be honest I thought this is it. The scientists have spoken and the world will be left shaken by the report. Of course we had known about climate change and the threats it is posing but we now have been given a deadline. The clock is ticking and everyone will now be running around trying to do as much as they can to stop this calamity from happening.

I am not on Facebook or Twitter to see what public reaction was like but there has been silence outside of these two domains. Things have not even warmed up and nobody mentioned anything about it. I scrolled numerous times down my LinkedIn and no one posted anything except this one article by the FT entitled ‘Climate catastrophe warnings were greeted with global silence’ which made me realise that I hadn’t seen anything because nothing had been said about it.

I read in the news only today that countries are considering banning petrol and diesel cars to encourage electric ones including Britain but there is a date on it in terms of when the ban comes into effect. It doesn’t help that alongside climate change, the world is trying to fix other problems we have collectively created such as those of plastic pollution as well as air pollution.

Anyway, enough of the quick rant but I just wanted to quickly highlight that Warwick is doing really well in terms of sustainability. I went to a recent ChemCafe session where someone from the Sustainability team came and did a session with us and I learnt about just how much Warwick has invested into sustainability and the environment! One of the things they did was play a video that you can watch here. It is very interesting and I think this is really something we should all be very proud about as students and staff members. I would highly recommend you to check out the ‘Environment Sustainability’ section of the Warwick website (link here) because the more you read, the more you realise just how much is being done and how you can help too.

Of course, Warwick is only one institution and whether we will see this replicated across the globe and a concerted effort to save the planet is a question I don’t think I have the guts to think about. It pains me when I see dormancy and lack of interest and of course if there is no robust and radical initiative by governments and business, the public may not develop the mindset and confidence that their actions will make a noticeable change. For now, let’s see how things turn out.

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