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Entering the final term and looking forward

Today I’m sat in the Comfy Bookshop at Fargo Village with a friend for a study afternoon. Faith is a preschool so I’ve been able to get on with my uni work. I’ve seen my dyslexia tutor this morning to go through my dissertation, which I think may be finished now, although I’ll probably have to read through it one more time before I get it bound. Faith and me have just got back from a long weekend away at my aunties in Clacton. It was nice to have a rest from all the uni work and I’m feeling refreshed and raring to go; with term starting back next week. I can’t quite believe that our Easter vacation is nearly over (where has that time gone?).

We’re just about to enter the final term of the year. For most of us this time of year is the craziest of all, either scrambling to get essays written, and, or starting to revise for exams. It’s the last ‘slog’ of the academic year and in a couple of months it will all be over for another academic year. Or for some of us time to graduate, seek work or continue with further study. I understand that not everyone who will be graduating knows what they will be doing when they finish or even what they want to do. I personally think that’s fine, mature students have so much going on in their lives, that it’s not always possible to have everything sorted out. Maybe, some of you may want to start looking into what the careers service at uni can do to help you. I know I want to see them soon to specifically look at my CV, as I’m changing career paths altogether.

I don’t always have time to reflect and consider the future, although I am making more of an effort. However, in the short term I’m looking forward to graduating, ‘the after celebration’ and the CLL end of year social. My graduation has especially kept me focused on my studies; also getting my conditional offer on my MA is Social Work, as I need at least a 2:1. Talking about my offer on my MA, I’ve now completed my DBS and my occupational health form. So it now all hinged on my 2:1 and as long as I achieve that (which I should) I will be starting my MA in September! YaY J

I don’t think I really have anything much else to say this time, so for now I will get on with some reading for uni.

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