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Entering the final days

So I’m coming to the end of my time in London town and of course the end of my internship. There’s still a million things I want to do in London. I want to keep riding Boris bikes and visiting landmarks which are pivotal in history. For instance there’s a very small pub somewhere in the docklands that Mr Dickens used to frequent; he used to go there for inspiration where he would see pirates and smugglers. It’s still never changed name and I believe the same family run it (that bit could be wrong). Little pieces of history like that are rare wherever you are and there are just too many in London for me to visit.

Work is going well. I’ve recently just completed a three day movement to the actuarial team. The actuarial team at Grant Thornton are very interesting as they deal with a whole range of products that you probably wouldn’t have exposure to at firms with larger actuarial departments. For instance I’ve had exposure to pricing defined-benefit pension liabilities for audits, pricing interest rate swaps and an introduction to general insurance. The mathematics behind some of the numbers here – such as calculating the interest rate in 10 years – must be extremely complicated. Of course the probability of successfully calculating the number is 0. However that doesn’t mean that its simple. The figures are calculated by Bloomberg so I’m sure there will be some explanation on their website; I’ll have to sit and figure my way through it after my internship!

Anyway I’m back to my team tomorrow. It’s been a really interesting change being in a different team and a different office. Meeting new people at work is always interesting because you share a common interest in work! They’ve all gone through internships and grad schemes so they seem to know what’s right to help you and what’s pointless or boring. This can really help you develop and let you get a taste of the area you are in.

So back to my team for the final 7 days. I’m looking forward to it apart from one thing! I have a final presentation to do that forms the end of my internship. It’s a scary prospect standing in front of the partner and director of my team who I have not had too much contact with and talking for 10-15 minutes. I’ve had a lot of training though to help me prepare for it so I’m not as scared as I make out because I’ve been provided with a lot of training. A 2 day workshop on presenting was something I was almost certainly dreading. It turned out to be fantastic. I learnt a lot and bored a lot of people with my chosen topic (Siege of Alesia – google it). The thing with presenting is that it takes practice and I’m hoping that one day it will come naturally. Still can’t wait to get this one out of the way then the pressure is off!

After that I guess I’ll just continue to work on some other projects that I have been set and continue with some client work. I also wrote a blog on the GT website with a fellow intern Alyssa (http://traineeblog.grant-thornton.co.uk/2015/07/22/guest-post-life-as-tax-interns-in-london/ ). I’m going to be writing about my last week soon and also I thought it would be a good idea to talk to you about personal statements as I guess a lot of you will be starting to think about them. There’s a lot of myths about how important certain things are or vice versa. I’m hoping I’ll be able to dispel those myths and help you write the perfect one.

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