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Entering Term 3 – Reflecting on My Essays & the Easter Break

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

Hi everyone! Today’s post will reflect a bit on how my Easter break has gone, and what my expectations are for Term 3. Enjoy!

So this is the last week of the Easter break, and Term 3 (exam season) is upon us *cue that ‘dun dun duuun’ music they always play in horror movies*. But in all seriousness, the most challenging part of the academic year is about to begin, which means that being able to find a seat in the library will become a thing of imagination, and I probably won’t be seeing any of my friends (apart from the ones I live with) for a solid month or so. My workload for the Easter break has been 5 essays, and I’ve submitted 2 so far – yes, things clearly have not gone as planned. The two essay topics I’ve written so far have been on the compatibility of God’s existence with the existence of evil, and the efforts of Uganda’s women’s movement and women politicians to secure gender equality within the country. Both of the essays were really enjoyable to read for and write – but maybe a little enjoyable, because I’ve ended up spending too much time on them and now I need to power through my next 3 essays so I’ll have enough time to revise for my exams.

My work style during this Easter break hasn’t changed from what it normally is, and I’ve been working at home the entire time. But since there haven’t been any lectures, and all of my friends are (rightly) busy with work right now, my work style has meant that I don’t leave my house very often and I haven’t seen much of the sun. I work best at home because working alone makes it easier for me to to not get distracted, but that being said, focusing at home doesn’t always come easily, and I’ve had used some tactics in order to help me concentrate better. For example, blocking YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr on my laptop and giving my phone to my housemate so I won’t be tempted to distract myself when I’m on the internet and I should be researching for my essays.

Being bored is another issue that I’ve had to deal with during this Easter break. Reading for and writing essays can feel repetitive when it’s all you’re doing day after day and week after week, so I’ve done a few things to keep myself motivated each day. One of my tactics is reminding myself of the fun things I have planned for when exams are over, so that I can stay motivated to focus even when work feels boring. Some of the things I have planned include a holiday with a friend, going to see a show of my favourite comedian who’s coming to London for the first time, and trying out some new restaurants in Birmingham. Another tactic that I’ve used to keep me motivated is taking a few long breaks (1-2 hours) during each day instead of lots of short ones. Only having long breaks means that whenever I’m not working, I’m using my time to have lunch or dinner (with dessert!) as well as watch some episodes on Netflix or talk to my housemates. This has been really useful in keeping me motivated because it means that I have really enjoyable and relaxing things to do every few hours, and because I’m working for long intervals, I’m always completing my work in bulk sections, so my time of relaxing gets to feel (and is) deserved.

That’s all for this blog post guys. Thanks for reading, and to those of you who have deadlines or exams coming up, good luck!

– Doyin

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

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