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Enjoy yourself in Term 3

The Third Term is definitely with mode ON at the moment. Many students have already passed a half of their final exams, some just sat their first ones and the others are still getting ready for them.

The worst thing about the third term is that everybody is under pressure, feels nervous and stressful. But the weather, beautiful campus and the feeling of upcoming summer make it more difficult to concentrate on revision and final exams.

There are already few things which made the beginning-middle of the third term for sure.

1. I remember the first term… Fresher’s week, many parties and full of fun! But obviously, the third term is about studies and the awareness of “what we do know creates out future”. However, after a great number of student request, the Student Union finally organised a weekly event in our favourite Terrace Bar!!! Everybody knows that so many of your uni friends will be from the first-term events in the Terrace Bar where everybody is trying to know each other. The third term surprised us all with a new event called “Juicy” with some really good music we all had wished for! Since the beginning of Term Three, every single Friday everybody is out for the new Terrace Bar cool event.

2. As you probably know, the University of Warwick owns one of the biggest sport facilities, where you can try everything from football to climbing. Being keen on fitness and sport, I just tried boxing here at Warwick. I have never been doing in before and that was such a great experience. I’ll tell you how literally everybody in the university is nice to you. When I and my friends came to the Sport Centre, we knew that Ladies’ Boxing class was full but still tried to get in. Unfortunately, it was actually fully full 🙂 So we were just moving back and forward on the balcony in the Sport Centre and some boys from the other training room saw us and invited to their class. It was also boxing, held by Warwick Boxing Club! We liked it sooo much, because all the guys were very nice and ready to help and show some punches. I should definitely recommend booking your class right now!

3. Yesterday, on the 12 of May, literally every single student came to Piazza even before 8pm to find a seat before watching one of the greatest European contests! Eurovision! To tell the truth, there was a special atmosphere which had been created by the students wearing their national (or maybe not national) flags. In other words, flags of those countries they have been supporting.

So many new activities and events are organised here at Warwick to enjoy yourself even in the most difficult part of the year!

P.s. Thanks for the boys from Warwick Boxing Club who invited us to their classes when there was no free space for us at the Ladies’ Boxing Class.

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