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English Weather- Insight

Quite seriously, people discuss weather in England. This is just not a small-talk topic to get things going. I believe people have got reasons to do so. Hence, it will be interesting to note some observations I have made. Some of you may doubt my tales or some may just relive memories by my claims.

There was an Ice cream van that was spotted on campus in those Term 3 days. I could usually see the doubt and disbelief in the Ice Cream Van Driver’s eye. This probably owed to the fact that he was always fighting a battle of uncertainty in his own mind. This uncertainty was maybe about whether he will be better off selling Ice cream or Hot Chocolate in the next hour. For you never know, what awaits you for the next moment, a bright instagram-able sunshine or a dark torrential downpour?

Morevoer, such is the diversity at Warwick in students, the weather tries to match this as aptly. One good day of March, to collect a parcel, I decided to take a sojourn from Rootes to the Post room. Just when I left my flat, it was all glory. I felt upbeat. I even took a Snapchat of the sky to boast about a lovely sunny day. Fast-forward this to 30 minutes and I was on my way back from the Post room. I had waited for the shuttle bus for about ten minutes at the Post room but to no avail so I decided to walk back myself. I just took a few steps and the sun vanished, dark skies loomed. In a matter of minutes, there was a snowfall. Yes! There were sprinkles of snow in the rain. The irony is that this didn’t end here. I reached central campus in about ten minutes and the skies cleared. Hello! The sun was back.

This is where you should realize why I said that some of you will doubt my tales. Some of you who have gone through this, won’t. But for those doubters, in a few years’ time, you will relive this as memories! And for years to come, this is why people will still quite seriously discuss weather.

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