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Engage with your senses. Notice what is around you

These are difficult and unprecedented times. If you can go for a safe walk keeping social distancing, there are benefits for YOU.

However what do we notice around us when we go out? What do we REALLY notice?

Any example is walking in a wood or a safe open space. This can help with any anxiety we have and allows us to focus our attention on what is around us.

We can take in the wood’s atmosphere through all our senses. If a person simply visits a wood or a safe space and walks in a relaxed, mindful way there are calming, refreshing and invigorating benefits to be achieved.

Using your senses.

Smell the air, the trees and the surrounding area.

Feel/touch Feel the wind or the sun on your face and body. Touch a tree, feel the grass or whatever you can around you.

Hear the sound of the trees, the birds, the wind.

Taste the air, enjoy a snack you may have taken with you, how does it feel, the sensations in your mouth and the different textures. This is mindful eating!

Seeing – there is so much to see around you, the colours, the shapes. Look at the sky, the clouds, how they move, how they change shape and their various shades.

These senses can be used in everyday life, whether it is brushing your teeth, ironing or taking a shower or bath.

When you are finished your walk, breathe full and deep. Acknowledge your remarkable body that allows you to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Engaging in the above can reduce blood pressure, reduce stress, improve mood and help improve sleep

Below is a link to the University Wellbeing support services which highlights the benefits of Mindfulness.





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