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End of the Year & Open Days

Well, it’s fast approaching the end of the academic year, and my only real question is, “Where has it all gone?” Whilst the start of Term 1 definitely feels like a good while back, it just seems wrong that I got back after Easter 9 weeks ago, yet I’m now coming to terms with being almost exactly halfway through my degree! I guess that’s part and parcel of uni life, particularly the terms at Warwick only being 10 weeks. Apart from a few revision lectures, my only timetabled commitments this term were exams, and the comparative lack of structure meant that this term has flown by! Now, however, those hours in the exam hall are a thing of the past (until next year, at least), and the worries over exam performance are replaced with… worries of exam results, as I won’t be finding out how well I did until a couple of weeks into the holidays.

The general election, inconveniently on the day of my penultimate exam, also took up a good chunk of my time this term. An upside of this was that campaigning provided a great way to channel my procrastinative tendencies into something useful. You may think going out and asking strangers if they’ve voted yet sounds a rather odd way to spend your time (and you’d be absolutely right), but when you’re in a good group it’s surprisingly fun, and good exercise to boot! Though it’s not probably something you’d open with, experience of running a small campaign team or convincing strangers to support you is something you could maybe spin into a job interview, depending on the question asked, so it’s basically a double benefit!

One of my last EngSoc duties of the year will be to pitch in to the general Open Days this weekend (23 and 24 June). I found open days incredibly helpful when I was looking at unis, so I really couldn’t recommend them enough. The School of Engineering will be running tours of the department, and they’ll be the chance to talk to both academics and current students. If you’re coming along, here are a couple of things I’d be looking for;

· The School are changing around the course from next years’ intake, so make sure you know what you’d be signing up for if you’re coming to Warwick. I’d look at the common course elements and the breakdown of the first-year modules in particular to see if they’re right for you. If you want to swot up before the day, check out the undergrad brochure.

· – Almost all first-years live on campus, so take the chance to look around a few of the blocks near to where you are. I’d still hold up Rootes as a great option any day, but there’s a lot of variety in terms of size, cost and distance for campus. The Warwick Accommodation website also has lovely pictures of all of them for further perusal.

· Both the School of Engineering and Warwick Welcome Service are fielding hordes of students to help out on the day, so make sure to ask anything on your mind. There’s nothing worse for a guide than taking round a silent tour group, so please try to keep us entertained also!

· Perhaps the most important factor – can you see yourself at the uni? Some of the places I looked round I got a bit of a ‘meh’ vibe from and, given you’re signing up to spend three or four years at university, you want somewhere where you enjoy the atmosphere. All the above feed into this, but make sure you also ask about the sorts of societies and social life you want to ensure you have something to do besides lectures!

Well, that’s all for now. Coming up this afternoon I have the Warwick Labour BBQ – and in classic British tradition, the skies are turning grey after a week of almost oppressive sunshine. So, assuming I’m not too rained on, until next time – or, if you’re coming along, tomorrow!

Nathan L

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