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End of term vibes

So end of term is fast approaching and I want to inject some positivity into your life. I am now drowning in essay stress, books, referencing, applications…even tidying my room is now an item on my to do list. But here are some simple things that are keeping me going and I know they will help you as well.

  • Wake up at regular times– set an alarm every day at the same time and maintain a good sleeping pattern. This is so crucial for mental stability. Having good sleep and a clean routine helps with productivity.
  • Think how you work- some people are more productive in bursts of 20 mins, one-hour bursts, or even one full day. I work day by day simply because it takes me so long to get into the swing of thinking and developing my arguments. But totally depends on what you are studying and the tasks you are completing. Reading, I read a paper then I have a good 20 minute break. Not scrolling on my phone but walking around and drinking water, talking to someone on the phone while walking moving my body is very important. You are sitting in a chair all day, keep moving.
  • Keep going your societies– don’t neglect them, they make you happy and they are healthy breaks in your day. Keep your mind and body happy, reward yourself for your hard work. If you don’t deserve them then don’t go. They are a chance to see your friends and release any tension in your mind from your assessments, just breaking off from work will let you work better and more efficiently after.
  • Stay organised- Have folders to keep your sheets in, number the pages of your notes so you know what order your reading is in. This is something I learnt because I dropped all my papers on the floor and I didn’t know what order the quotes were in. To help you with your references, write the page numbers as you make notes so when you reference in your essays you can quickly reference the page number as you write your essay. Remember footnotes are included in the word count so make sure your reference as you go they all add up believe me.
  • Change your study spaces- Yes stay in a routine, but change your environments you want your mind to stay active and alert. Try working at home one day, the library the next, in a seminar room, in a cafe where ever you like, but keep changing your workspaces even if you sit somewhere else in your house it will help you to engage in your work and focus.
  • Exercise- happy hormones zoom through your body when you are moving it. Pumping blood to your head and to every aspect of your body will help you sleep better, feel more energetic and destress. Your body will start to get tense but also lazy you don’t need that, final weeks of term you are smashing your assignments and getting them done, every minute counts.

good luck for your final weeks, they are tough but you can do it. Prioritise your work guys!

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