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End of term tiredness

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Now we’re at the end of week 9, end of term tiredness has well and truly hit me (well that, and some form of illness that’s completely wiped me out). That has, however, given me some inspiration for this post, on how to beat the end of term blues, stress, and exhaustion that seems to strike every time.  I’ve actually gone back home this weekend, in an attempt to recover quickly and be able to go back to uni for the last week, so it’s given me plenty of time to think and adjust!

Spend time with friends

I think one of the best things I’ve done this week is just take a very chill even with friends, with no focus on work or anything serious. We took the time to play some games together, including a mildly stressful but interesting game surrounding puzzle solving! (You can see us below, looking about as stressed as we felt during playing). It was such a relief to laugh and enjoy the time, as well as focus on something that was challenging but not based around uni work. 

Keeping up good habits

The importance of nourishing food and getting time outdoors are two things I found should not be underestimated, especially in winter. Soups, walks around campus (even if not for long with the weather we’ve had recently), and keeping to a routine have been important to keep motivated and pushing forwards. Not only this, but sleep is something else that I have been trying to focus on, being something that’s key not only good for recovery but also for memory and learning! 

Plan fun things for the holidays

One final thing that has kept me pushing through the last two weeks is making plans to head back to Kingston (Canada) and get to visit again after returning from my year abroad. Being able to make plans and think to more enjoyable times ahead has definitely been driving me along. Not only this, but other plans including seeing family and friends, plus the usual festivities of Christmas time have really been helping as the days get darker so much earlier!

These last two weeks of term will be different to usual, however, as many lecturers are striking from the start of Week 9 (25th Nov) to Week 10 (this coming week). I fully stand with them – and would encourage everyone to read up more on the university website and Warwick UCU’s website. 

Sorry for the slightly shorter blog post this weekend, unfortunately I’ve had a lot taken out of me with this illness but I can’t wait to write my blog posts in December!

Meredith 🙂


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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