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End of Exams

Just wanted to say I hope that everyone at Warwick, who have finished their exams, thought they went ok I’m sure most of you have done brilliantly and to those who have still got exams to go, good luck!

As a sociology student, I have officially completely my first year undergraduate degree! I had 3 exams this year which is really nice compared to other students who have a lot more. My first exam was on the 25th May, Life of Media: Past, Present and Future, then 3rd June, Researching Society and Culture and finally the 4th June the big 3 hour exam, Sociological Perspectives. Luckily, I felt that I put in a lot of work towards these and it definitely paid off as I came out feeling positive about them all! All of the questions I anticipated and hoped would come up, did! I planned my time effectively throughout and it has all gone great (hopefully: my final result may say otherwise haha)!

To those of you who are reading this that are not university students, don’t feel worried about exams for Sociology because the majority of students I have spoken to felt confident because they had put the work in. Exams at university are very similar to how they are at college so its nothing we all haven’t experienced before.

I will just tell you a little bit about each exam for those of you that don’t know. In media, I found that the exam offered enoguh questions I was comfortable to answer. May students before revision were concerned this exam was going to be the trickiest however if you put in the work I actually found it to be interesting which made it less difficult. Similar in researching society and culture, there was a lot of content and many of the topics were linked in different ways, which could be confusing however this could arguably enable you to answer more questions since most of the topics have some connection. Whereas the final exam, sociological perspectives, had a variety of topics that were not often connected for example, from riots to fashion! Each of my exams where held in different places on campus for example, Westwood Games Hall or Rootes Restaurant area. If you want to find out more about exams there is a webpage with warwick past papers on it for you to look at however you won’t need to until you start uni 😀

So that’s me finished! I’ve got to say it is such a nice feeling when you work hard towards your exams and you come out feeling positive about them. Really motivates me for next year as well as the excitement of Leamington! I hope this helps potential students and current students with exam queries any other questions just email me! I will be posting another blog to sum up my first year in the next few days….so stay tuned. 🙂


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